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As a mom, I take several roles at home. I am the teacher, the cook, the laundry maid, the account officer and a dozen more roles. But one of my favorites among these roles is being the fairy who takes away the body pains. I am the only one who seems to have the magic touch and the magic kiss to take away my husband and my daughters pains or boo boos.


wrist pain


Actually, I have a magic cabinet at home which I make sure is always filled with first-aid remedies, anti-bacterial and antiseptics, skincare products, and most specially, several healing balms and oils for massage. I bet you also have a cabinet like this at home. As my kids are growing up, I’ve mostly used the massage oils because the kids had been complaining of pain in their legs most often.

And then I realized that when I was of their age, I used to have this kind of pain in my legs and my grandmother who took care of me would massage my legs with oils which she concocted on her own. There are lots of herbs inside the bottle and I remember I wrinkled my nose when I smelled it. But after she massaged my legs, I feel comfortable and go back to sleep. I’ve read around and found out that growing kids usually experience this kind of pain in their legs because they become more active and use their legs a lot during the day. That’s why they are usually called as “growing pains“. *I’d note though that if you feel uncomfortable with your child’s pain, follow your instincts and go consult your pediatrician. Just like me, my kids cover their noses whenever I apply the oil that I use to massage their legs and sometimes their tummies when they have tummy aches.

Recently, I discovered OLEIA Topical Oil which smells nice and doesn’t sting when I apply it on our skin. The healing effect comes in a few minutes after applying. The oil is contained in a handy bottle which I can easily put in my vanity pouch. I have to bring it because there are times when I have headaches and back pains especially after my period. I was advised not to take too much pain medications and I think using topical oils will be a much safer way to alleviate my pains.


wrist pain


OLEIA Topical oil will be perfect for me and my husband because we suffer from wrist pain and stiff neck most of the times, given that we spend too much time in front of the computer daily. My husband likes it when I use OLEIA to massage his temples when he is tired. Unlike other oils which are too strong and make our eyes watery when we apply it to relieve our headaches, OLEIA is mild.

OLEIA was sent to me as a gift and I found out that it is a scented natural oil which helps relieve all types of aches and pains fast. OLEIA Oil contains natural ingredients such as moringa oil (malunggay), olive oil and cetylated fatty acid. This oil is said to be recommended to people with sport injuries such as tennis/golfer’s elbow, torn muscles, neck pains, ankle sprains, and tendinities.

If you have senior citizens at home, I am sure they will love this topical oil because of its immediate effect and lovely scent. I remember my senior citizen father used to tell me that it makes him feel older whenever he watches cinema on senior citizen days (Mondays and Tuesdays in Quezon City), because the whole cinema smells like that oil. With this new topical oil I’m giving him, he will smell like a baby instead.

Reviewed by Tweenselmom, first published in Mommy Bloggers Philippines.