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Hero vs Superheroes

Lately, I have been hooked to watching Netflix’s “Marvel” superhero themed series’. It all started with the first Iron Man movie and since then I have been grabbing every opportunity to bum a little and sneak a movie or a couple of episodes more often than not.

My fascination for superheroes long started when I was a kid. The first I remember really following was DC’s Superman when I was 7. Man, I have been a Clark Kent fan since then. I even had a tattoo representing the man faster than a speeding bullet on my back albeit with the letter “W” instead of the big “S” there. That’s because sometimes, I have been day dreaming what it’s like to be someone with super powers… what if I could fly around, wear my undies outside my pants and save people from danger? I think that would be cool and awesome!

But then again, super powers are just a by product of someone’s wild imagination. The comics and the movies magnified this and somewhat made it seem real- which is why kids (and even some adults) bought the idea that maybe, super heroes do exist. But to be honest, I have never seen or met a real superhero my entire life. True enough, I have seen a lot of copy cats- the most recent was this year’s Comic Con festival. But other than these types of events where we all get a chance to dress up like our superheroes, none was able to display super powers that made them special. So at 33 years old, I am still on a quest to find the real Kal-el.

Today, we our celebrating the “National Heroes Day” and I am excited!

It’s a holiday and I got a whole day to chill a little and not think about work or business. Today, I get a time to spend with my family and play with my kids. I got a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 6 month old. Simply put, a kid every two years and yet I haven’t produced one with super natural abilities. Who knows… maybe the fourth will be my charm! Something I have to convince my wife to agree with first. 😉

As I was preparing the list of my activities today, it made me wonder… how many of us Filipinos still really consider this day sacred? How many of us still remember what our heroes have done for the country? Do we still share the same ideals and love for the country that they’ve had? These heroes/sheroes have dedicated their lives to make the Philippines a better place to live in. But are are we continuing what they started?

Yes, we’re no longer at war and there’s no need to die or kill the opposition any more. But each day should be a fight. A battle within ourselves to continue to make a difference in the country and for the next generation.

Some have the Andres Bonifacios in them while others have the Jose Rizals. There are a few who are the Gabriela Silangs and then some who’d rather not be in the lime light. Different characteristics and personalities but the commitment and passion’s the same. The motivation may be diverse but the intentions are pretty much similar regardless of the situation.

Heroes impact the lives of people around them.

The question is, what really makes a hero? I like Pamela’s ( definition of a hero is…

Definition of “Hero.”

  • A Hero is someone who rises up, from whatever their situation in life is, or whatever their circumstances are, and comes to embody a representative of the highest level that a human being can attain.
  • A Hero is someone who knowingly and voluntarily makes a conscious decision to sacrifice something of one’s self for the greater good of others.
  • A Hero doesn’t seek notoriety or praise for personal glorification, but instead, uses whatever attention he receives to perpetuate his achievements to a greater degree.
  • The actions of a hero make a positive impact on another, or many, so as to change or alter the outcome of a situation that would otherwise be detrimental.
  • A Hero contributes something beneficial to the world for the betterment of humanity as a whole, or for the spiritual world in creating a path that leads us all in higher directions.
  • A Hero does not expect compensation for their heroic deed.

If I can simplify the above, what really makes a hero is someone who has courage, selflessness, humility, patience and care. As we enjoy today’s holiday, let’s take some time to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves… What have I done lately that makes me a hero to somebody?

Remember, we may not have “super powers” but it is easier to be courageous, selfless, humble, patient, and caring.

In short, we all have heroes in us. We just have to wake them up.


P.S. – While your reflecting on how you can be a hero to your family, community and country, play this song in the background. It’s a good inspiring one! 🙂


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