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It’s the start of another school year and you are probably worried about the upcoming expenses.

Tuition, uniforms, and school supplies make you worry a lot but there’s something more important than these.  Yes, your child needs these all year round but these are not what’re really important. Your child’s learning is. Intelligence is not measured on the things that you literally have anyway. It is the content of the notebook and not the cover or design; it’s about how the pen’s ink is used, not the brand. Briefly, it’s the inner part of the context.

Anyhow, one essential part in preparing the child for school that I’m pointing out is the physical state.

If your child’s body is physically fit or if a student does not feel any pain or throbbing reaction whether internal or external then the outcome of his work will be okay. There are proven effective ways to improve a student’s body condition. If the child is physically fit, the mind functions accordingly.


For instance, if a toothache suddenly occurred while the student is taking a test, what do you think will happen?

Likewise, if your child experienced migraine in the middle of PE exam, do you think he can perform 20 jumping jacks, 20 sit-ups and 20 pull-ups one by one without complaining? The struggle is real, isn’t it?

So, how do we really prepare our kids for school? Here are some pointers to do so:

  • Mentally. Prepare your child mentally by reminding him about the basic rules of the school and its system. With this, he’ll be aware of how to properly move as a student.
  • Emotionally. Readiness in terms of being encouraged going to school. It’s about his feeling towards going to school, meeting new classmates and teachers, building friendships. Talk to him positively about things he can gain or learn from this institution.
  • Physically. Being fit in this aspect is very important. As mentioned above, a physically fit body helps the mind to function well. Gaining enough amount of sleep and taking vitamins are considered to better your child’s physical condition. Plus, you can also bring with him first aid kits. You may include Oleia Topical Oil to complete his emergency kit.

Oleia Topical Oil,

known by many as a miraculous tool in aiding pain or aches. If you’re looking for something reliable, I highly recommend this oil for your child particularly the chamomile one. It is available in South Star Drugs, Watsons, and soon on Mercury Drugs. Schooling is a long-term process, so this means your child needs a long-term partner too. With Oleia, your child is not just ready but completely geared up.

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