” Quezon Province is a home to many wonderful secrets. Today, I am grateful to share with you my experience as I went to visit Sariaya.”

Work can really be toxic

Working in Manila is very challenging. Asides from the never ending battle as I squeeze my way into the MRT, the stress level keeps getting higher. As my friends always say, “Work can really be toxic.”  That’s why I decided to take care of my mental health and drove all the way to Quezon. It is a change in perspective – a breath of fresh air and a new experience altogether.


If there is one word to describe my whole experience, I would say that it’s the word “Natural”.  I went to a farm in Purok Siete, Barangay Mamala, Sariaya Quezon and walked straight to Mt. Banahaw, Sariaya Organic Farm. In this place, everything is natural – and it’s no surprise that this place has been featured quite a bit in TV shows because of what they offer.

It is an epitome of a vegan’s heaven – everything is organic. Asides from the great selection of food, you can also enjoy the hike to Mt. Banahaw and enjoy the majestic view that can amaze even those who are not keen to nature and hiking.

My experience was indeed worth it. Though my body is tired, I never felt so alive and so connected.

However, that is not the most unforgettable thing that I experienced in that place.  What I enjoyed the most was when I planted rice in “dapog” or clay mud. Tita Amy, who is the caretaker of the place, guided me as I went cold feet in the mud and ended up enjoying the chore.

After a tiring yet fun activity in the mud, I cleansed myself in the spring water. It is so clean and crisp that Tita Amy shared that the water is so clean that the owners of the farm even travel to fetch jugs of this water every week to drink at home.

My experience was indeed worth it. Though my body is tired, I never felt so alive and so connected.  But there is work to be done and I can’t take a nap for one week to recover from my body aches. Good thing I got Oleia Topical Oil that removes pain and the source of it just by applying it to the area affected. It is made of 100% natural ingredients that cures inflammation which is the source of the pain we experience.

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