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“if you can’t handle the moody, you can’t handle the booty”

Women are known to be the gender of being kind, caring and loving. They are mothers; women are known to be demanding. They have a list of traits they want in a person. They have the list of things they want to have and achieve. Also, women are very simple yet driven with a strong determination when challenged. They are specie that is hard to handle when not understood. But most of all, they are a specie that you can’t mess with if you do not know how to put your arguments.

There are a few things a man doesn’t know about a woman. They think women are hard to handle. A lot of men actually do not understand how women think. But women are easier to understand than what they really look and to what they act.

Beautiful, strong and independent these are words how mostly men characterize the female specie, as what the saying is “if you can’t handle the moody, you can’t handle the booty” if you do know how to handle a woman you really do know how to read and understand the world of mood swings, tantrums, period and ovulation. She might look grumpy and hard to handle but inside lays a very sweet, simple and a caring person.

They are made for men. They are man’s biggest trophy and achievement. If they can make their woman happy and contented with the relationship, then that man loves her woman so much. Women are very strong, they can carry all the burdens in this world. Furthermore, they can weigh as double as their weight for 9 months and does not complain. They can change their names just for the person they love. They do their best just to make the whole family happy even if things weren’t that good.

Women are a gift from God, they are the feminine counterpart of men but if things turns out to be opposite than what they expect they can still smile and go on.  A woman only wants a few things in life, they are not very demanding but they want things to be fulfilled the way it must be. They love to smile and laugh, their joy is in a reach of hand. They just put up lists and things they want to happen but does not really stick with it, they are contented with what they have, they can be very driven and be an over-achiever but they are just doing it for the good of everybody especially for the people they love.

So to all men out there, pause for a while and take time to understand your woman. Aside from continously appreciating her beauty and finesse, make sure to admire her strength and passion. Especially to those who are planning to tie the knot this June, you will be spending your entire lifetime with your woman so make sure to take care of her. Understand her tendencies, what she likes and what she does not.

Good luck!

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An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.