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During one of our huddles at the office, an interesting perspective came into the minds of everyone. That is in light of everything that we do, our careers, our personal goals and dreams, and even our families -what really does matter most?

This came into my mind specifically because as we usually do sharing before the day starts we were all taken aback by several news of sudden deaths, this one includes Isabel Granada who died because of aneurysm and a friend of one of my workmates who died because of a big boulder that dropped out of nowhere!

This made me realize two important principles about life which I would like to share with you today.
But before that, when being asked of the question, what is life all about – many people may be dumbfounded in answering this. Because first, isn’t that automatic? Should we know already why we live and what matters?
Several ideas come into people’s mind when they think about some may think that life is about work, about relationships, about God, and some may even think about life as nothing but a speck or a dot in the grand scheme of things, that no matter what we do, who we become, and where we go will not matter, after all, we are insignificant compared to the world or the rest of the universe.

But what about you? What do you think life is all about?

For me, I believe that life is not meant to be lived alone, but it is meant to be shared. Even if you’re single, divorced, or your loved ones already passed away, having someone that we can call a friend is a way to enjoy life to the fullest. As cliché as it may sound, no man truly is an island. We are born to communicate and to make friends, even introverts can can spend time with other people too. We cannot live by ourselves and if we want to know what life is all about and to experience it, we must share our very own lives to others.

Second is that life is all about loving. I believe that if we can summarize life, and the best use of our life is to love. Love is the only force in the universe that keeps people together, without love, families, relationships, and even organizations and government cannot exist. It takes love to keep the world going.

But love can be simple but elusive, some people do crazy things for love while some don’t have an idea of what love is and how it can be expressed. But love is not just about gifts of possessions, it is not based on how much we can provide to the other person. Love is about giving, it can be measured by how much of ourselves we give to the person we love.

Quality time or focused time is one of the greatest elements of love. When you give time to someone, you are practically saying that you are giving something you can never take back.

For all of us, the best time to experience and give love is NOW.

At the end of it all, we must face this question before we leave earth regardless of the faith we believe in. Did you love? Did you love the people closest to you instead or projects, meetings or even things?

Life is all about love. Time is the currency of love. Love should be given NOW.


About The Author

Manuel is a guy who loves books. He enjoys reading and does it whenever he can. If he’s not reading, he spends time with his family and also ministers to teenagers in a local church. He does public speaking and talks about issues concerning the youth and young professionals. An Oleia topical oil user and content contributor.