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December is that time of the year again when we hear a lot of joyful songs, see a lot of bright lanterns and when people spend a lot of time and money with parties, gifts and other similar occasions. The world know that December is the season of Christmas, but do we really know what Christmas is all about?

In last year’s article by Investopedia, it is mentioned that an average American will spend around $900 for buying gifts. Collect those, and you could have trillions that will be more than enough to feed a country. It’s really the season of giving, but is it the kind of giving that the world needs?

According to history and religion, Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, Christianity’s savior and God. While it is not his actual birth date, it is when Christians commemorate this event since the early Christians used to mix pagan traditions and Christianize them so that people will forget it and celebrate the Christian tradition instead.

While Christmas may mean different things to different people, there seems to be a common cause tying it all together. But somehow, it was lost and forgotten, and it has been capitalized by businesses and has been a tradition of consumerism all over the world. But let’s get back and let me offer some things that may help us remember what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is the season for giving – Obviously, as stated above, giving seems to be the main aspect of this holiday season. However, I believe that it was a different kind of giving. It is giving to those who needs it, not to those who want it. It is where we give sacrificially, expecting nothing and it is a kind of giving that not only warms the giver’s heart, but it provides not satisfaction but for some cases life, to those who receives.

Christmas is the season of forgiving – Forgiveness is a rare commodity today. Christmas is a time to take forgiveness out of the pocket and start giving it to the people who’ve hurt us, whether they deserve it or not. The good thing about forgiving as well is that frees you more than the person you’ve forgiven. It’s because forgiveness releases us from mental anguish and it gives us the ability to love people.

Christmas is about love – Whether it’s a type of romantic, platonic or familial love – Christmas is about that type of love. Love is a powerful force that radiates the origin of the season, it’s where families gather, it’s where people remember an act of sacrifice even if they don’t deserve it and it’s when we love, purely and sacrificially.

Let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! Let’s give, forgive and love!


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