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Filipinos love their rice.

In fact, there was a certain issue that raised a lot of eyebrows a few months back. It was when a certain government official voiced out her concern about the unli-rice promos and mentioned out of her concern that it should be stopped. This official cleared her statement, while the netizens did not take it lightly and made a big buzz out of it as if there’s a mutiny and there’s a rebellion.

While crazy as it may sound, rice has been a staple food in every Filipino household. You cannot find a single home that does not have rice during mealtime because it provides us with fullness without spending much. Also, it is a great source of carbohydrates that can help us survive throughout the day.

Asides from that, here are the health benefits of eating cooked rice:

Rice provides energy – Rice provides carbohydrates which can be described as the fuel for the body. It also increases our metabolic activity which gives us more energy throughout the day

Rice can help relieve diarrhea – How? Rice has what we call resistant starch. This kind of starch cultivates the growth of good bacteria. This causes our bowel movements to become normal and helps us get rid of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and diarrhea.

Rice can help prevent cancer – Brown rice specifically can help reduce the risk of cancer. The fiber found in brown rice can help protect cells by acting as shields against cancer causing elements.


These are the famous, and sometimes unknown benefits of eating rice. However, before you eat another cup let’s also talk about the risks involving eating too much rich. Research after research continually suggested that eating too much rice can be detrimental over one’s health.

Risks and Dangers of Eating too much rice

Spike in Blood Sugar – White rice rapidly converts into sugar. That is why people who eats rice tends to overeat as it can be digested faster. Eating too much can cause an abnormal glucose metabolism and insulin production. Overeating will also cause you to be overweight, and may cause Type 2 Diabetes.

Eating too much rice can clog up blood vessels – Rice contains carbohydrates, lots of it. Because of that, it also generates fat and too much fat can clog up our blood vessels.

To eat or not to eat?

The verdict is simple. Whatever is too much can cause serious and deadly side effects to our overall health. Eating rice is good, but because of the decreasing levels of our physical activity we need to be careful because of the dangers too much carbs possess.


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