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Sugar, spice and everything nice – this were the ingredients that made one of the iconic children’s cartoon titled “Powerpuff Girls”. It may seem that these ingredients are a recipe for goodness, but most of us look at sweets as generally bad for our health. Diabetes, teeth problems, and all other complications can be one of the reasons why we think that candies and chocolates should be avoided, however, studies have shown that eating candies or chocolates can be beneficial to us.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not be afraid of eating sweets:

Eating sweets can boost your energy and willpower – According to some studies, eating sweets will not only boost your energy levels because of the sugar, but it also helps you focus on the task at hand. The reason for this is when our blood sugar drops, we can experience lack of focus and it triggers our mind to wander. A simple pop of candy can get our minds back on track to the tasks we have and give us more energy to complete it.

Eating sweets can make you live longer – The Harvard School Of Public Health made a study which concluded that modest consumption of candies actually lived longer. This is in comparison to those who did not consume at least 1 – 3 times a month.

Eating chocolates can minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease –  Those who consumes chocolates regularly are more protected from acquiring cardiovascular diseases. In a study made by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute – those who ate chocolates regularly had a lower risk of getting heart ailments and those who consumed more naturally got greater protection.

These are the top 3 health benefits of eating candies and chocolates. However, we must remember that the key to getting all these benefits lies in what we call balance. If all you eat are chocolates all throughout the day, chances are the risks will outweigh the benefits that it may have in your body. But knowing these benefits, don’t be afraid to open that pack of chocolates you’ve been hiding in your closet


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