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What are these? How can it be used?

Have you ever found a tree bark sweet to smell? Or a seed’s scent giving you a soothing feeling for your lungs? Or have you had a calming feeling after inhaling a flower’s smell?

If yes, then you just had your first-hand experience to what kind of miracles essential oils can do. Yes, miracles – miracles because essential oil have been enhancing lives and taking care of our bodies for thousands of years already. The use of essential oils started way back from our ancestors through traditional medicines – “hilot’.

Essential oils are the ones that are used for medical purposes but most commonly on topical applications. Topical application is the applicayion of essential oil directly to the skin. For us Filipinos, this is more known as the traditional “hilot”. Oils when used for this kind of application are called “Topical Oil”.

Topical oils are naturally extracted from natural components frequently acquired from flowers, leaves, tree barks and roots. One reason why there are varieties of  topical oil scents. Some popular scents are peppermint, lavender, and chamomile.



These topical oils are classified based on its compositions.


● Neat – these are oils that can be applied topically without “dilution” (process of formulating the oil) because of their mild chemical compositions.


● Dilution – oils that have potent chemistry and should be diluted with a carrier oil before topical application.


● Sensitive – these are oils that should be diluted before application especially if it is for sensitive skin.


Topical oils and its “miracle” capabilities are often manifested through our traditional faith healers, albularyo and manghihilot. However, these “miracles” is attributed to the herbal extractions they use. Similarly, most topical oils available for commercial use has the same principle of application to the traditional hilot.


Here are the common areas that topical oils are applied.

● Face – for skin care regime and acne control and removal

● Neck/Forehead/ Temples – for stress and tensions

● Abdomens – for any discomfort within the digestive system

● Arms/ legs / back – fatigues and stress due to physical activity

● Chest – for breathing relief

Topical oils compared to medicines are effective but less expensive. the best way to experience the benefit of topical oil is when you use Oleia. Oleia Topical oil is all natural and came from essential oil from moringa or malunggay and olive oil. It has the same It is like a miraculous help and gift from our mother earth. If you have not experienced this  yet, better try these topical oils for a general body relief.

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