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One of the things that can very well describe us as Filipinos is how we are both religious and superstitious. I can still remember those ones that I truly believed in, like do not continue your plans if a black cat crosses your path and don’t clean up your house when there is a funeral.

Superstitions has become a big part of our culture that it has even affected the way we view breastfeeding. But today, as the popular show Myth Busters has done, we will go ahead and discover the 8 different breastfeeding myths that we either believe in, or passed on to us and know the facts to make sure that our breastfeeding journey will not be stopped by these myths:

Myth #1: Use both breasts because the one is just water and the other is food

The Fact is Ideally, both breasts can be given to your baby but it is not required. Have your baby finish the first side first and then offer the next breast. PRO TIP: If you’re a forgetful mommy, you can wear a bracelet and switch it around every time so you can remember which breast you last fed your baby from.

Myth #2: Do not breastfeed when you’re tired, you will pass it on to your baby

The Fact is Our bodies do not pass down tiredness to our baby, the milk is composed of different ingredients such as healthy enzymes and antibodies and it will not be affected based on how tired we are.

Myth #3: Do not breastfeed when you’re sick, your baby may get it.

The Fact is When you are sick, your body produces the antibodies to fight the sickness and that is what can be passed on during breastfeeding. The opposite happens, you will then give your baby the antibodies to fight the sickness you’re having.

Myth #4: Only those who have big breasts have enough milk to feed the baby

The Fact is Size does not matter when breastfeeding, in fact, even those who have challenges in their nipples (flat, small, too large) are able to breastfeed.

Myth #5: If the baby is nursing all the time, she is not getting full. Mix feed her.

The Fact is Asides from feeding, our babies also nurse to feel relieved and comfort. It’s also a great bonding time between the mommy and the baby.

Myth #6: Don’t raise your arms up when sleeping – it will stop milk production.

The Fact is there are no scientific basis for this myth, and truthfully it did not affect my own breastfeeding journey.

Myth #7: Constant breastfeeding will make the baby feel spoiled, clingy, and dependent.

The Fact is The opposite is true. Research suggests that those babies who are breastfed, cuddled, and held a lot are more independent and had less issues later in life. The first 3 years of a child is forever and we should pamper them with love during this critical season of their life.

Myth #8: Formula milk is better for the baby, it contains more nutrients

The Fact is The label in formula milk says it all – Breastfeeding is best for babies until 2 years old or older.

Being a mom of 3 kids not only taught me how to know which of the above is right or wrong but it also taught me a very important principle that breast is best in the sense that more than just the milk we produce, it is the bonding, and the love that motivates me to always offer the breast.


About The Author

Andrea is a full time home maker. When she is not busy taking care of her husband and kids, she goes out giving financial management talks. She is a proud breastfeeding mom for four years running and an avid Oleia Topical Oil user.