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Running can do wonders in our physical and mental health. A 30 minutes run a day can burn calories, strengthen muscles, fight stress and make heart healthier. Usually in the morning, an hour before we gear up to run, we do morning stretches and eat a light healthy bowl of breakfast. During post-run we usually feel groggy and weak. Some of our muscles will ache, immunity system will be at its weakest and all we’ll be craving for is nothing but rest. ┬áDon’t rest just yet. You need to replenish your body with proper nutrition after work out.

Here are the things you should do after running:


One of the important things that you should do right away after workout is to replace the fluid and the electrolytes that was lost during workout. Dizziness, muscle cramps, fast heartbeat and lack of sweating are signs of dehydration. And also your urine can determine if you are properly hydrated by its healthy light yellow color.


This is to help your muscle cells restore the damage from working out faster. The food of choice should be rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates. Yes, carbohydrates. During work out your body is using the energy that is stored inside your body. Same as restoration after work out. Our body is still in need of glycogen to help replenish muscles faster.

Bread toast with peanut butter, banana & chia seed.
Bread toast with hard-boiled egg & avocado.turkey Sausage, spinach & eggs
Bread toast with cottage cheese & tomato
Bread toast with mixed nuts.

Protein shake



A 15 min nap after a long run/workout is vital to those body who’s aching for rest. It helps you regain energy faster and might help on reducing weight. Based on studies our body burns fat faster than when awake.


It is important to stretch before, after workout and after napping from a hardcore run. This is to prevent further cramps, soreness and muscle fatigue. Those who run or exercise for the first time might not be able to move on from first injury and stop exercising. These is the result of improper post-run/workout routine.

To maximize the result of long run one must understand the importance of post-run/workout routine.

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