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The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of every known organism. It is the basic unit and considered as the building blocks of life.

The earth is full of life; we have plants, animals and humans on it. We can go and arrange every organism from smallest to biggest and we’ll have representatives from every classes or orders of each kingdom. However, one thing that is similar to every life form on earth is what they are made up of, the building blocks of life – the cells.

The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of every known organism. It is the basic unit of life. The cell is composed of several parts and each part has specific functions on our body. The cell structures and parts vary depending on its use. Let’s take the cells that can be found on the heart as an example, these cells have more mitochondria as they are the busiest cells in the body. They are required to have more energy and power to function.

Some of the parts of the cells are:

The Nucleus

The nucleus is a highly specialized organelle and it serves as the brain of the cell. It stores the information and serves as the information processing center of the cell. It stores the DNA or hereditary materials of the cells and coordinates the cell activities like growth, metabolism, protein synthesis and reproduction or cell division.

The Mitochondrion

They are the so called “powerhouse the cell.” These organelles’ main function is to perform cellular respiration. This means it takes the nutrients from the cells and breaks down and turns into energy. The energy produced is the ones that is used to perform cell functions.


The cell membrane

The membrane’s main function is to protect the cell from the surroundings. It consists of lipid bi-layers with embedded proteins which is semi-permeable to ions and other organic substance.

These parts, specifically the nuclear membrane, mitochondrial membrane and cell membrane, have lipid compositions that are greatly determined by dietary fats.  These dietary fats which can be found in Oleia Topical Oil helps in controlling inflammation in human body. Oleia Topical oil helps regenerate these parts which makes the cells better and healthier in a natural way.

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