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There’s something with touch that is kind of magical.

A mother’s warm hand can ease the pain when we get sick.

A massage from your partner will lighten up your heavy day.

All of us are prone to pain, emotional or physical. Pain demands to be felt and when we do, we find something or someone to relieve it. One of the best ways to relieve pain is through the power of touch. In times of stress, a hug could be a big help or a pat on the back or even a simple kiss on the forehead could relieve the emotional stress and pain of a person. Through touch, we can make people feel our love. It’s hard to see your loved one suffering from pain, and I know that you would do anything to relieve the pain that they are feeling and one of the first thing that comes to our mind is the act of touch.

There’s something with touch that is kind of magical. A mother’s warm hand can ease the pain when we get sick or a massage from our partner that lightens up our heavy day. That’s how powerful touch is when it comes to relieving pain.

A touch is more powerful when we mix it up with an oil that gives that soft and gentle sensation. I’m talking about an oil that’s all but natural and also perfect in relieving pain. Nope, it is not that green oil that heats up when applied to the skin… I’m talking about something that does not have that minty feel but is proven effective all the same.



A working wonder in relieving pain that’s made up of moringa oil, olive oil, and cetylated acids.

Pain is due to Inflammation or in lay man’s term “pamamaga”. Inflammation happens when the membranes of the cells where damaged or ruptured. For it to heal, it needs certain chemicals to induce the regeneration and healing of the cells. Oleia topical oil is a fast acting pain reliever, doesn’t heat up and safe to use even for babies. As I’ve said earlier it is a catalyst that will boost the power of touch, tried and tested by masseurs.

Most, if not all masseurs who use Oleia stated that their customers feel more relaxed and the sessions become a lot easier for them because Oleia helped in aiding the pain that their customers felt. Also with its fragrance, it’s perfect for aroma therapy. Pain really demands to be felt, but Oleia is here to relieve you from your suffering… whether it’s your back, your head, your hands and feet;

Oleia takes care of these the natural way.

Try it now!

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