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"In every joy, in every pain, there's a soundtrack with it."

Oleia Confession No. 8

Every beat, every strum, every note, and every tone; it’s our blood, it’s the air that we breathe. This is our life, a life of a musician. People say we have no future in the music industry, no fortune, but for us? It’s not about the money, it’s our life that people usually call as “passion”. In life, we have our ups and downs. In music, these ups and downs have notes and tempo included. Let’s put our life in notes, our ups, let’s play it in a Major Chord, and for our downs in life, let’s play it in a Minor Chord.

My name is Daniel, and like all of us, have been through ups and downs. Yes, all of us went through that, all have us has those Minor Chords and Major Chords in our life. Every moment has a different beat, a different note. My life revolves around music. It’s like music is part of my DNA , it’s my fourth lover, the other three? God, Mom, and Dad. Mom came from a family of musicians, and Dad? Their family is filled with people who are from the academe, an engineer, a doctor, at most of them are teachers. 

I asked mom once: “Can I pursue music?”

With joy, mom answered, “Yes son, whatever makes you happy.” Dad? He said I won’t make a living out of it, just use it as a hobby, as a past time, I won’t get wealthy, there’s no wealth in music. “Rather than pursuing music, be an engineer like me, or pursue medicine, or be a teacher, but I know my heart and my mind won’t settle for other career.

Why would I draw plates if I’d rather draw notes? Why would I write prescriptions if I’d rather write lyrics of songs? And if I ever enter the industry of teaching, I’d like to teach people to sing, to play, to love music.

My love for started since I was a child. With a simple lullaby that adds comfort to my sleep. Until I learned singing on my own and as opportunity strikes, I was able to learn how to play the guitar and the drums.

Singing reminds me that life goes on, there’s no stopping. A song may end, but there’s a new song waiting to be played, in a different tune, a different lyrics, that’s how life goes.  I have many struggles and victories in life, every moment, it has its own soundtrack.

But after every strum, every beat and tone, there are pains with it. Not emotional, but physical. Its the pain that you feel after long sessions of jam, the tiredness and pain. The pain on holding the frets of the guitar, the pain on hitting the drums. My band mates told me to try oils to ease the tiredness and pain. I don’t like the feeling of using the oil because of fear and embarrassment. Fear of the stingy sensation and embarrassment because of its scent. But he told me that I must try Oleia, it’s not the typical oil that has that unwanted sensation and that unwanted scent. At first I beg to disagree, but when I tried, it’s true. My music goes on, the joy continues, and now, there’s no pain that hinders me anymore for the soundtracks of my life.

Life Continues just like our playlist.

Arman, Oleia User