by Susan Loida Soriano on OLEIA Topical Oil

My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis since she was 3 months old. For more than five years, we have resorted to different moisturizers prescribed by her pediatrician, some of them cost us quite a fortune. Just as when she turned six last July, I glanced upon this Oleia Topical oil at our local drugstore. I quickly searched it on the internet and read some reviews. then I gave it a try and bought the smallest size. Coincidentally, my daughter's eczema flared-up during that time and so I tried Oleia instead of the usual topical steroid she has been using. This is not bragging, but an hour after I applied Oleia to the affected area, the inflammation and redness subsided. She even told me to apply it on her whole body since she loved the smell. I massaged it all over her body and she slept without crankiness. I swear I will hoard stocks of this for future use. For now, I am planning to try the soft gels for me and my husband. Thanks Oleia for helping mothers with Eczema like me!! Such a sigh of relief!

by Millynn A. Marasigan on OLEIA Topical Oil

I had this jock itch in my armpit & It feels irritating everytime my armpit sweats. Ang kati kati at mapulang mapula & may swelling, too. Good thing I have been an Oleia user for 2 years & I used Oleia Topical Oil Lavender scent which I always have in hand to treat my jock itch. The itch, swelling & redness in my armpit is almost gone. I also use this to treat my pimple & insect bites. Thanks to OLEIA Topical Oil! 🙏

by Nori Gardner on OLEIA Topical Oil

I've been using Oleia Oil for several years. It's very effective in reducing knee and joint pain. Highly recommended.

by Agripina C on OLEIA Softgels

I had an ovarian cyst, irregular menstruation and a lump in my breast. I decided to take Oleia Softgels, 3 softgels a day. After a few days, my ovary became normal and the lump in my breast started to shrink. I am taking Oleia Softgels until now, to control any inflammatory condition I may still have.- Agripina C.

by Maria Melinda T. Frias on OLEIA Topical Oil

I've been an Oleia Topical Oil user for years now. I find it so effective on my hemorrhoids, ever since I started using it, I rarely has the need for hemorrhoidal suppositories. I also use it on bruises, minor scrapes and cuts on my skin. Since it works on me, I give it as a gift to my "balikbayan" friends. It's a must-have in every home!

by Vetemeh T. Sanchez on OLEIA Topical Oil

I'm using Oleia Oil for many years, but we can't find a store selling Oleia here in our province. Luckily i found Oleia in FB, I ordered and I have the product now. I'm using Oleia for my joint pain, skin allergy and for my daughter's asthma. It is very effective and safe to use.

by Anacel G on OLEIA Topical Oil

My mom asked me to buy her this Topical Oil. Then after reading the benefits I bought one for myself too since I’ve been having bad elbow tendinitis from swimming. I called it miracle oil, because after few minutes I felt then result right away and I’ve been using it constantly and 85-90% of the pain and stiffness goes away. – AnacelG

by Lita Ros on Oleia Topical Oil

I’ve been using Oleia Oil for more than 4 years. I use it for my back pain, neck, shoulder pain, headache, abdominal cramps  and sometimes heartburn. Oleia oil is truly effective. I always carry a bottle in my bag wherever i go. Thank you very much for the relief!-  Lita Ros

by Gaye Saplada Rizardo on OLEIA Topical Oil

Been using Oleia for 7 years. It’s my partner in all my kids’ adventures.. fever, sleepless nights, bumps, bruises, toothache, etc. Thanks Oleia

by Teresita Santiago on OLEIA Topical Oil

I have  been using OLEIA oil  for more than eight years. I had been looking for liniment for my severe back pain. I was  diagnosed with spondylosis and was due for operation of my C3-C5. Oleia was introduced  to me by my cousin who saw me in pain. She applied Oleia Oil on my back, and after a few minutes, I started to feel some relief. From then on I apply the oil every morning. No more operation. Until now, I’m still using Oleia Oil not only for pain, but also for insect  bites and skin rashes. - Teresita Santiago, Cainta, Rizal

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