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After taking Oleia Softgels for 1 week, I felt no pain anymore



I experienced pain on my right shoulder for almost 6 months. I resorted to therapeutic massage and took pain reliever medicines. And then one day, my right shoulder got swollen. The pain was unbearable I had sleepless nights.

I consulted a doctor and it was diagnosed as Tendonitis. The Doctor prescribed very strong pain reliever and antibiotics. After 3 days, the pain was still intolerable and I couldn’t help but cry. I could not move my right shoulder and I was on leave from work for a week.

Until I decided to browse the internet praying “Lord please give me an herbal or organic cure for this pain.” And guess what? I found some testimonials from users of OLEIA products; they were all praises and thankful to OLEIA Topical oil and Oleia Softgel!

Immediately, I contacted the OLEIA office for more information and I was able to buy OLEIA Oil and Softgel. I immediately massaged my swollen shoulder with Oleia Oil and I took 1 Oleia softgel after lunch. That night, the pain became bearable and I slept well.

I continued taking OLEIA softgel 2 times a day for a week, until I felt no pain anymore.

Indeed, the OLEIA products especially Oleia Softgel 500mg is an effective natural help for my body pains. When I feel pain, I always take Oleia Softgel 500mg and nothing else, it has been my way of life.

My friends envy me because I do not have any maintenance medicine. Yes, OLEIA softgel 500mg really keeps me fit and healthy at 60.

Sally T. Orobia ERDB – DENR, UPLB, Los Banos, Laguna


Natural Remedy for Tendonitis