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While I was comfortably watching the television,

I suddenly wanted to drink a hot cup of choco. I went to the kitchen and made one. I went back and watched the STARS that were exchanging their scripts while threatening each other. It’s really funny how they call themselves stars. I turned off the tv and stared at the black screen. The scene from the outside reflected on my television; I can see the STARS.  I went out and brought my hot choco to witness the stars glimmer. I always wonder how they can be so beautiful from afar but in reality they are gigantic balls of fire that can melt planets in an instant… how it can kill us without us knowing that we’re already dead.

I took a sip and looked at the stars again.

I wonder how we consider ourselves important; how we call the celebrities STARS. As I looked at the peaceful night sky I realized that this planet is only a dot, a pale blue dot; an insignificant dot in the universe. It’s really funny how our wealth can’t match up with how vast the universe is yet we consider ourselves powerful.


I took a sip again and a friend of mine passed by,

I said “Hi do you wanna join?”

He said “Join what?

Then I replied “STARGAZING”.

NERD FRIEND!” he yelled.

YOU FRIEND!” I said.

He sat next to me, took my hot choco and sipped. We share the same sentiments about STARS and so called STARS. As our conversation go deeper, he asked me this odd question,

“Why do you always shine whenever I look at you?”

I think my heart skipped for a moment and asked him “WHAT?

he replied “NEVERMIND YOU NERD”.  “Now you know why people compare celebrities to stars” he added.

HEHE alright Mr. Romantico” I said.

He got up, brushed the dirt off his khaki colored pants and said goodbye because he needed to go home.


What a night!

As I finished the last drop of my hot choco, my tummy suddenly ached; I have lactose intolerance by the way. I suddenly felt the urge to use the bathroom. After defecating, I looked for the topical oil that I bought because my stomach was still aching. I felt cozy after I applied it on my tummy.   It smelled nice and it is OLEIA.

About The Author

Oleia user. A creative mind out of FEU who executes dreams to masterpieces.