I do most my work sitting down; That’s where I shine

The development of technology, today drastically changed the way people work. Back in the day, work means hard labor – a day filled with a lot of physical activities. However, due to the advancement of our culture, we are now entering a new phase of working – it is what we now call the sedentary culture where the mind works harder than your arms and legs.

Because of this shift in the way we do work, our bodies got accustomed to a different way of working, which is sitting at the front of a desk and a cubicle. And while many people celebrate that fact, researchers may have found out that sitting too long can be detrimental to our own physical well being.

Dr. James Levine of The Mayo Clinic warns the possible threat http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/267208/sitting-new-smoking/  of this habit; not only on weight gain, but also poses greater risks of having cancer and heart diseases.

The Mayo Clinic conducted a 15-year study to 800,000 individuals on their sitting habits. Their findings; people sitting in front of a screen for more than four hours increase risks of death by fifty per cent, and of heart attack by one hundred twenty five per cent.

Dr. Martin Camara, a chiropractor, pointed out that Filipinos have prolonged periods of sitting, commuting from one place to another. In addition, Dr. Camara reiterated that traffic has been unpredictable. “People are entertained nowadays sitting behind a computer, browsing social media, playing video games, or watching television”, he added.

There are definite disadvantages and dangers if you sit around too much. Here are some of them:

  1. Sitting too mcuh makes strange disorientation of the joints
  2. Too much sitting increases the risk of obesity
  3. Sitting for an extended amount of time also heightens the risk of type 2 diabetes

The list above is not all of them, but it is enough to take a second look of how we spend our time at the office sitting – it may not be as relaxing as we think it is.


Dr. Levine reveals that the solution seems to be less sitting and more moving overall. Sitting is already a kind of rest but if prolonged poses a threat, so the solution is to take some stretching within an hour or two. Outside of work, people must be very functional physically given their age and condition. An 80-year-old will have a different functional capacity from a 30-year-old.

These risks are prone to people who have jobs that involves computers or screen. So our advice to people working on these industries, take some rest in between works, also, exercise, be physically active may be in exercise or sports.

Even if our work involves more of the mind than the body, it is important that we keep an active lifestyle. Exercise and also those short walking and standing breaks are important in order to keep ourselves healthy and in check. And if you feel pain, you can always use Oleia Topical oil to remove them in a natural way. It is composed of all natural elements that is guaranteed to help you stay active and on the go!

About The Author

Fahrizal “Fahr” Faisal is a Broadcasting major from Bulacan State University. Musician, Badminton Player, Marketing Staff and an Oleia user. With all his activities, Fahr uses Oleia Topical oil to reduce pain and fatigue from all of his activities.