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Exercise is one of those things that you know you need, but you don’t really get to do. The reason why can be varied, but most of the time it is because we think that exercise is work, and we sometimes want to take a break from it and relax. However, did you know that exercise is not limited to what you think it is and that there are certain exercises that you can find not only interesting, but a new passion altogether.

One of those exercises is swimming. We sometimes only think about it during summertime and just as a form of a leisure activity. But the truth of the matter is that swimming is one of the best exercises that is available for all of us. Here are some of the benefits of swimming that you may not know about:

6 Benefits of Swimming

1. Swimming improves life

One of the key benefits that you get from swimming is it improves your breathing and improves your overall cardiovascular system. It is also very helpful to those who suffer from diabetes and heart ailments. Some research also suggests that those who swim has a lower risk of death compared to those who do not.

2. Swimming is an exercise for the whole body

The biggest benefit that you can find from swimming is that it is impacts your entire body. It positively affects the following:

⦁ Increases the heart rate

⦁ Builds strength and endurance

⦁ Swimming tones muscles

With each variety of swimming strokes such as breaststroke, butterfly, or even freestyle, your muscles and body can be improved without much effort.

3. Swimming is an exercise that is good for those who have different sickness

Exercise can sometimes be halted due to some sicknesses. For example, those who suffer from arthritis may not be able to do exercises due to joint pain. Sometimes, even walking can be hard for them. But swimming is different – since it is a low impact exercise, those who cannot do heavy exercises are able to live an active lifestyle. Another sickness that greatly benefits from swimming is asthma. Because swimming involves practicing breathing exercises, it expands lung capacity and in turn helps asthma patients control their breathing.

4. Swimming is a good calorie burner

Want to work out without the feeling of sweat? Swimming is the answer to that. Swimming also burns more calories than other regular activities like jogging and running, where swimming burns as twice as much as the other.

5. Swimming helps manage stress and boost moods

Studies show that those who participated in aquatic programs were relieved of some of their stress and boost their moods.

6. Swimming is a great family experience

Swimming is one of those moments that you can get with your kids and just enjoy. Kids and adults benefit and it gives everyone not only the physical benefits but it also helps in building emotional bonds.

Swimming is safe for most people. However, if you plan to do swimming as more than a leisure activity, consider talking to your doctor about what preparations are needed. Some may opt to take swimming lessons to make the most out of this hobby. Take a bottle of Oleia every time you do swimming as first aid kit in case you experience muscle cramps and sprains. It relieves pain in as fast as 15 minutes and it is a great relaxant after swimming.



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