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I can’t function well, I don’t know if it’s because of lack of sleep, Hunger, or because of the pain in my back.

Being a writer sometimes sucks, a lot of things could affect your outputs, your surroundings, your mood, and physical state matters when you’re a writer.

Writer’s block

Most people thinks that being a writer is a freaking easy job, well guess what? It’s actually almost as tiring as doing construction work and I’m not exaggerating because I’ve done construction work before, but that’s another story. Going back, writers has this something called a “writer’s block” a phenomenon in which no matter how hard you think of a good story you just can’t visualize how you will start writing it.

It has something to do with your emotional and physical state, emotional when you’re nit in the mood to write or having a problem that blocks the idea in your mind, is when you feel pain that’ll distract you of course and also the surroundings, most writers prefers being in a quiet room but it actually still depends on the writer.

Each and everyone of us has their own identity and have our own writing style like Dan Brown, Nicholas sparks, J.K Rowling, and Paolo Coelho. We need to be in shape to write a good story, and I’ve discovered a secret that deals with the physical and emotional dilemmas that I’ve/we’ve experience. Aroma therapy is best to keep me relaxed and a good massage relaxes my body and put me on a good mood it may seem pricey but I’ve found a product that can do both with a budget friendly price.

Meet Oleia topical oil,

A working wonder that has three relaxing scent namely Lavender, chamomile, and their newest scent Peppermint. It deals with any kind pain that we experience in our daily lives it could be considered as a writers best companion to keep me/us in the mood to write beautiful, Amazing, Awesome, Thrilling, and Inspiring stories for our beloved readers.

Oleia topical oil is not just for writers, the maker of the oil is inspired to make a remedy to relieve pain that all of us experience in each and every day of our lives and the fact that it doesn’t heat up like other pain remedies so it’s safe for babies and other individuals that have a sensitive skin. this is Ralph a writer and an avid Oleia user, Stop pain the natural way, Try Oleia

About The Author

Josef is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a express himself through writing and music. He is not good at lying. He believes in the quote “He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know”