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You can’t really stop smoking with just a snap of the finger. It takes time.

Cool! Badass! This is how they describe people who get addicted to vices. Liquor and cigarettes, these are vices that I never thought that I would try. But I was influenced by friends, as we hang out, I got a chance to try all those. I drink alcohol occasionally. At first, I didn’t have any idea how to puff a cigarette. I was curious that time. One day before I went to school, one of my peers asked me to puff his cigarette. I will never forget that brand. The very moment I held the cigarette; there were voices in my ears. “Try, try, and try”. As I did, I coughed a little and felt nicotine rush through my lungs for the first time. Quite frankly, as my friends encouraged me, I felt more comfortable puffing. Indeed, bad company corrupts good morals.

Since then, I’ve been smoking. Not until, I met a girl.

Oftentimes, when we get to do something consistently, it becomes a habit. Something that you will have a hard time getting rid of. You know it’s bad but because you find pleasure in puffing a cigarette, you ignore the facts. You ignore the continuous death count, the diseases cigarrettes may bring. Because you find yourself cool, your judgement becomes clouded.

Not until I met this girl… I found her cute, pretty and amazing! When we started dating, she told me to quit smoking. I said a resounding YES!

Honestly though, it was really hard to stop smoking. In fact, when she’s not around, I sneak a cigarrette or two. But then again, if you do something in secret, you may get caught and she did. She was so mad at me! I broke a promise. I made her upset. The thought of loosing her over a cigarrette scared me big time!


I looked at the cigarette  i was holding; I had one thing in mind.

If I do not stop, she might leave me. I do not want this to happen. I don’t want to see myself holding a pack of cigarrette at night knowing that I could have the love of my life with me. I don’t want to live a life with regret. The same night, I made a decision.


The next day, I was tested. A friend of mine asked me to go out to smoke and handed me a stick. I said a resounding NO!

Honestly, you can’t really stop smoking with just a snap of the finger. It takes time. Especially, when you’ve been smoking for years, if you stop instantly, you will have reactions. Since your body got used to or have been addicted to nicotine, it will consistently look for a dose of one. And when it does, it will weaken you. What we don’t see is that each puff we made took a toll on our bodies and when we decide to stop, they will slowly show up. Coughing and difficulties in breathing are some of them. I witnessed them firsthand.

There were body pains. I was weak; In fact, there was a moment where I coughed blood which scared the hell out of me!

As I looked for remedies to my aching joints and body pains, I came across this brand. Oleia Topical Oil. It was awesome on the first rub. It was soothing on the second. It was rejuvenating everytime I use one.

I quit smoking for more than a year now. Slowly but surely. If you asked me if it was because of Oleia topical oil, well of course I did not drink that one. For external use only my friends! 😂

It was with the help of the love of my life, who consistently encouraged me and motivated me to look in the future life we’ll share if I live a long life!

Oleia and I met by chance. It was then I realized, forever indeed is possible.



Now, I am not a smoker but an OLEIA user.

About The Author

Leiser a.k.a PapaJeckoL is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a Photographer, Composer, Writer, Video editor, Actor, Host, and Director and he has this personal motto “Ang tunay na gwapo, hindi nagpupolbo.”