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Babies are very sensitive to skin irritation. Living with a dog in the household, when he was more or less 2 years old, his pediatric dermatologist diagnosed lesions on his legs and arms as scabies. She recommended to regularly wash & moisturize all-over his body with Cetaphyl. Even with continued use, the expensive regimen failed to improve his skin’s condition.

My aunt then advised me to apply OleiaTopical Oil. I was skeptical of organic naturally-made remedies. But just after 2 days of applying Oleia Oil generously on his skin at least every after him taking a bath, it showed significant improvement. And in no more than a week, his skin was healed completely – without scars from uncontrollable scratching! Just WOW.

One time when he was infected with Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, my initial instinct was to lather Oleia on the insides of his mouth & throat, also on infected areas on his hands & feet. Viola! He recovered in no more than a week, sparing him from antibiotics & paracetamol for fever due to infection.

From then on, Oleia Oil is first in our first-aid kit – for bumps, bruises, insect bites, skin irritation, prickly heat, sprain, minor injuries and especially asthma attacks!

Turning 7 this June, moving-up to Grade 1, a Tae Kwon Do athlete, a swimmer, and a graphic artist in the making. Oleia Oil is a must-have for every one of all ages. Great for relief from muscle pain & relaxation too! – Carmel Mae V. Ramos, 33