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Often times we don’t know when stress will hit us. Deadlines, traffic, pollution, drama, expectations, illnesses, financially and many more stressors that exhaust us. Sometimes stress doesn’t seem to end and triggers us to be in rage as we respond to it. So, can we really attain a stress-free life? Of course, it’s all about mind setting and prioritizing.

Here are quick tips to a stress-free life.

Start with what goes inside

Our mood is hugely affected by the food we eat. If it’s your first time dieting, changes in your mood is just normal. Our body is likely to be depressed when deprived of the food it usually eats. When dieting be careful with how you plan the food you eat don’t just starve yourself nor eat only greens. Be really careful with what you put in your body and don’t forget to consult experts.

Your Activity

The human body is made to move. If you lack activity in your daily life (walking, running, climbing, stretching exercising etc.) you are more likely to acquire aged diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and the like. You need physical activity every day to prevent the risk of having serious diseases. Exercising can do wonders for our body. It’s true when they say that exercising can help us live longer because it helps us be fit, sleep better, increase mental health & social wellness, and productive.
Space you usually see

Is there too much clutter? Unorganized desk, spilled coffee on the table, papers everywhere, unsorted clothes and too many unnecessary stuffs, those are things that trigger most of our stress. We all know this very cliché saying that our environment is the reflection of our being. If the place is unorganized, it will be stressing to find something important. If you smell something bad you are more likely to be irritated. Think of such things. You probably don’t want to have a messy and scattered mind, don’t you?

Pay down

Yes, it’s true. Debt is one of the top triggers of our stress. Did you know that 8 out 10 people in the world are under obligation to pay for their debt? It’s crazy, I know, but we need to face the truth. Most people are in debt because of student loan others spending money that they do not have. If you want to be out of debt you need to be frugal. Rich do not spend their money on unnecessary things but they know how to live simply, save and where to put their money as an investment.


When deadline is getting near, you are more likely to be frustrated. You are pressured to do multiple things at a time and it gets more stressful & stressful as the day goes by. Prioritizing and being ahead of time is the key to beat stress when deadline starts to creep out.

Indeed, stress-free life is achievable but you must remember that you can’t control the people around you and situation you are in. But you can always control how you will react. Shake the stress out of you and live freely.

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Yenyen is a multipod who is passionate about creative pursuit and wired to honor God through creative lifestyle. She 'sketch' and 'type' a lot for her blog. Every night she never go to sleep without putting "Oleia" on her hands.