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Sacroiliitis means inflammation of the sacroiliac joints

Sacroiliitis is a condition in which the sacroiliac joints, the joints that connect the pelvis and lower spine, develop inflammation.

When you mention sacroiliac (SI) joints, most people (unless they work in the medical field) won’t know what youíre talking about. These joints are found at the bottom of the spine and pelvic region.




The sacroiliac joints act kind of like conductors by moving the force or pressure of the body. It also gives you the stability you need for movement. So you can imagine what happens when it becomes damaged.

Now if you mention pain in the back and difficulty moving, you’ll find that plenty of people who know exactly what you’re talking about. Your body only works as well as the joints that help it move. Take care of your joints and you’ll enjoy ease of mobility.



Just like the other, more moveable joints in your body, the sacroiliac joints can fall prey to things that make it difficult for you to move. Things like injury, inflammation and more.

But the thing that causes the most damage to the SI joints is excessive weight. To get a good picture of how this can affect you, the SI is what connects your lower body to your upper body.

You have two that are found on each side of your spine – one on the left and one on the right. These SI joints take the pressure of the weight and work to keep the pounds from impacting your spine by dishing it out to the pelvic area.




When you’re carrying too much weight, you’re putting a lot of pressure and stress on these joints and you can create an area of dysfunction. It can reach the point where the joint simply can’t tolerate the pressure and the joints end up injured.

Everyday activities use joints – basically when you move – sitting down in a chair and picking up something to name two Now add weight (and remember that your weight puts three times the amount of pressure on the joints) and youíre setting yourself up for back pain, trouble getting in and out of bed, inability to walk up a flight of stairs and more.

Without the proper treatment, this kind of damage can end up turning into even more damage and bigger problems moving around. If you don’t lose the weight, the pain and stress to the joints become chronic and can lead to what’s known as sacroiliitis.

You’ll begin to experience pain that can impact both your social and your business life and can lead to time off from work and expensive testing such as MRIs or a bone scan. The dysfunction can take you down for a week (or several weeks depending on the severity) and if you treat the symptoms but don’t lose the weight, the pain will return and each time you have a flare up, you’re further damaging the joints.

To ease up your pain, you may use a natural pain remedy such as Oleia Topical Oil. Apply Oleia Oil 3x a day on your lower back area to remove symptoms of pain and swelling. Try to reduce weight and avoid the pain to become chronic.