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Dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. In other words, it is conscious control or restriction of the diet. A restricted diet is often used by those who are overweight or obese, sometimes in combination with physical exercise, to reduce body weight. Some people follow a diet to gain weight (usually in the form of muscle). Diets can also be used to maintain a stable body weight and improve health. In particular, diets can be designed to prevent or treat diabetes. (Wikipedia)

In every part of the world there’s is an obsession of dieting and weight loss. Of all the How-Tos, books, videos and experts, why many still can’t lose any weight? why fad diets doesn’t seem to work at all?

Dieting is a Habit

Curious why you keep gaining your excreted pounds back? Dieting is not a one-time act or challenge to be fulfilled and go back to your old eating habits. When you start your diet plan make sure that you make it part of your life. Once you stop, you are more likely to gain weight faster than those who do not undergo any diet. And also yo-yo dieting can weaken your immune system. Make it part of your life, make it part of your daily habit.

When Deprive You Are Triggered

You are used to eating dessert after every meal. You eat gums whenever you are bored. You usually crave for carbs before menstrual period. Those eating habits that you’ve created will be a temptation once you undergo your diet plan. Ignoring your deprivation will only lead to depression, which causes unwanted cravings. Instead of depending on changes that you will do for your diet plan to try, choose to substitute those cravings to a healthy one. Just so you know, there are a lot of desserts that are nutritious and electable. See vegan desserts

Different Body Responses

Those litters of sweat you shed during morning and night workouts don’t seem to see any results at all. According to experts, there are minds who are likely to detect “working out” as kind of “stressor”. Meaning, during work out or heavy sweating, the body releases a hormone called cortisol which prevents calories from burning.

Environment and The People You are with

The space you live in and the people you associate with have a huge impact on the way you think. If you are living alone your worst enemy is yourself alone. You have the capability to control everything but when you go out with your friends, that’s another trigger for you to break the plan that you always wanted. People who still live with their family has a lot of triggers, imagine that all the people in your house are feasting and you’re on your late night fast. You will feel deprive and more likely to give in. In this kind of situation make sure that they know all your plan and dieting. Buy your own fridge, fill it with healthy food and never open the kitchen fridge.

You Feel Distracted and Tired

Be careful by how you do your diet, consult your nutritionist or your gym trainer about what food you should be feeding on. You might lose too much weight or the diet plan you are following is not hitting the right nutrition that your body needs. Wrong diet plan can disturb your whole system that might lead to weight gain or unhealthy weight loss. When you deprive yourself with the usual food that you are eating you might feel tired and distracted, sometimes those are initial responses of our body.

In dieting, it takes great discipline and mental willpower to achieve the weight that you always wanted.

Diet is a habitual nourishment. Make it a sure that you consistently do workout and eat healthily. It doesn’t matter how long you will do it. Be like Athlete for them to get the prize they don’t sort out athlete life from their personal life. They live their whole life as an athlete. They think like an athlete on what they regularly eat.

So, when you diet, don’t just challenge yourself for a moment. But change your whole lifestyle and make it a habit.

Remember, you can change your life by changing how you think.

It all starts in the mind.

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