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Psoriatic patientsAs a health care professional, I have interesting cases involving psoriatic patients who were helped by Oleia.

A 45 y/o, male complained of psoriasis, a condition involving pruritic scaly rashes all over his body including face, scalp, upper & lower extremities. He consulted a dermatologist & was given medications, but he didn’t took it. I advised him to apply Oleia Topical Oil 4x/day & to take OLEIA Softgels. After 3 weeks, all his rashes disappeared. 

One day, a psoriatic patient came to my office. He had scaly red patches all over his body and complained of severe itchiness. He said he’s fed up taking pharmaceutical drugs & applying costicosteroid on his skin. I advised him to take Oleia softgels  & apply Oleia Topical Oil on the affected body part. After taking 2 softgels 3x/day & applying Oleia Topical Oil 4x/day for 3 weeks, all his lesions disappeared & his itchiness gone.

– Marissa Rios, Pasig City, Philippines