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We tried Oleia for Psoriasis, a skin disease which manifested on the skin of my eldest daughter when she was only 9 months old. We have tried so many ointments, shampoos and lotion for the past 9 years hoping that somehow will improve the condition of my daughter’s skin. We have been to different hospitals and skin specialist and spend almost $20 per week to suppress the redness, itchiness and scaling of her skin but we had no luck. Her skin remained as it was and sometimes bled when we tried to remove those dried skin on her scalp and on different parts of her body. It has affected our daughter physically, socially and emotionally. After waiting for years in prayers, God answered us with Oleia Topical Oil. We used it for a week. and the skin condition of my daughter  improved miraculously. No more redness, itchiness and scaling after continuous use in just one week. You can’t even trace the scars of Psoriasis on her body. Now we are using Oleia for all types of pain, I literally mean all types of pain. The migraine of my wife no longer bothers her as it was before using Oleia. My shoulder pain that I get from driving can easily disappear with just a few drops of Oleia. Insect bites and mouth sores of my 2nd daughter can easily heal because of Oleia. We can no longer find a better and safer way of getting rid of pain. Even my new born baby is using Oleia for her navel and gas pains. Oleia is safe, effective and saves us a lot of money. Imagine, one bottle for all types of pain for the whole family, that’s Oleia! – MikeB, Pasig City, Philippines