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by: Dr. Robert Lim, Integrative medicine and TCM practitioner


Pasig City, Philippines


prostateA year ago, a 59 y/o businessman came to our office with a long face. He was frustrated, problematic & worried, because of his worsening condition. He was diagnosed by his urologist at a well known tertiary private hospital to have Grade II prostatomegaly, three years prior to consultation with me. He was prescribed medication which he took religiously for three years, but rather than making his condition better, it got worse. His last KUB with prostate ultrasound result showed that his prostate gland increased in size & was again enlarged with a weight of 39 grams plus he complained of having vitiligo, attributing it as a harmful side effect of the medicine he took. He was also suffering from uncontrolled hypertension, his initial blood pressure was 150/80 mm.Hg., eventhough he’s taking anti-hypertensive medication plus the common signs & symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) like difficulty micturating, disturb sleep due to frequent urination at night & the feeling that the bladder has not fully emptied. Hence, he sought my consultation after someone referred him to me.


After 2 months & 3 weeks of taking Oleia Softgels, 2 softgels 3x/day and applying Oleia Topical Oil 5x/day & a bladder relaxant. He came back smiling & his face beaming with happiness, because his follow up result showed that his prostate gland significantly shrunk to 29.6 grams. That’s a difference of almost 10 grams in just less than 3 months! More over, he was able to urinate with ease, no more incomplete bladder emptying & enjoyed an undisturb sleep. His blood pressure went down to normal levels 120/80 mm. Hg.& his vitiligo disappeared. This is hitting 3 birds with one stone meaning Oleia addressed his 3 problems namely BPH, hypertension & vitiligo.


This is one of the many cases that shows the superiority & effectiveness of Oleia in shrinking tumors. You can only see result of most medications for BPH after taking it for 6 months or not at all as this case had shown. Remarkably, it only took Oleia less than 3 months to shrink the prostate. BPH refers to a prostate condition of adult males where the gland become enlarged & diseased thereby affecting the function of the male urinary system. It is cause by increased bad testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) coming from eating too much pro-inflammatory foods & exposure to chemicals containing xenoestrogen.


The scientific explanation behind this is Oleia Cetylated Oil blocks both inflammatory pathways, stopping the inflammatory cascade thus, halting the proliferative stage of tumor formation. Cell death occurs & subsequently the tumor shrinks. It lowers blood pressure by protecting arteries from build up of plaque by lowering triglyceride levels. It also functions as an immune system modulator: calms down hyper &/or stimulates hypo immune response in autoimmune diseases.
Do you know of any anti-inflammatory drug right now out in the market besides alleviating inflammation & pain, it can also effectively & safely shrinks cysts & tumors, & even treats autoimmune diseases without harmful side effects? NONE! ONLY OLEIA CAN DO THIS.