Natural remedy for Psoriasis

If you are like Kim Kardashian, who publicly admitted that she is dealing with psoriasis, you would have the same red scaly patches on your skin. 

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic (long lasting) disease that normally manifests in the skin. The reality is that this disease is more than skin deep. Psoriasis is a disease of the immune system. When psoriasis happens, the immune system is hyperactive. It triggers inflammation in the skin because the normal rate of skin replacement from 28 – 30 days is expedited to 4 – 5 days. Old skin gets pushed on top of the other which causes the red spots that are flaky and itchy.


Cause of Psoriasis

Research studies have not yet found a definite cause of psoriasis though it can be attributed to different factors such as:

  •  Genetics – According to some research, one out of three people who have psoriasis reports that they knew of a relative having the disease. Not only that, but like cancer – 10% of the population have the genes that already candidates them to have psoriasis, though only 2 to 3% actually develops the disease.
  • Environment – This cause has different factors altogether. Some attributes stress, infections or medications which can cause the predisposed psoriatic gene in the body to activate.
  • A part of another story – Psoriasis can also be a complication from another disease such as diabetes and others.

These are just some of the most popular causes of psoriasis. And due to limited amount of knowledge about this disease, there are also some misconceptions that people think about when they hear about it:


Top 3 myths about Psoriasis

  • Psoriasis is contagious – While psoriasis may look like a contagious skin disease, in reality it isn’t. You cannot catch psoriasis by being with someone who has. You can definitely hug, kiss or share a meal with someone that has.
  •  Psoriasis is curable – Psoriasis is a lifelong condition. While there are times when it can disappear, it can reappear again as quickly as it was gone. However, it can be treated.
  •  Psoriasis is because of poor hygiene – People often think that hygiene is the major culprit for psoriasis, but it’s not.

4 ways to treat Psoriasis

  • Reduce stress – Unhealthy amount of stress does affect our body negatively. Prolonged and unhealthy stress causes psoriasis to flare up. That is why it’s important to know how to minimize stress.
  •  Eat healthy – While we cannot pinpoint what exactly may cause psoriasis in our diet, starting to eat healthier is overall beneficial to the body. Some food may trigger reactions and vary from person to person. Keeping a food diary can help you pinpoint which food can be taken or which ones should be avoided.
  •  Stop smoking – Smoking is not only deadly, but it also causes higher risk of psoriatic flares. It’s best to avoid it altogether.
  •  Apply Oleia Topical Oil –  It helps to minimize the inflammation and redness in as fast as 15 minutes.

Fast-acting effect

OLEIA Topical Oil contains anti-inflammatory olive oil, moringa oil and other premium oils including cetylated fatty acids (cetyl myristoleate).

Cetylation is a process that makes the oil more bio-available and readily absorbed by the body, hence delivering immediate anti-inflammatory effect for faster pain relief. 


OLEIA Oil is safe

Oleia Topical Oil does not contain harsh ingredients like methyl salicylate, camphor and mineral oil.

A clinical study conducted by Dermatologists showed that Oleia Topical Oil is dermal-safe, does not have irritant potential and is well tolerated in local skin treatment of muscle and joint pains.

Pleasantly Scented

OLEIA Topical Oil’s anti-inflammatory action is well enhanced with the aromatherapeutic principles of lavender essential oil.

A calming, soothing & relaxing oil, Lavender helps relieve muscle cramps and joint pain. It is also helpful in treating migraine, headache and emotional stress.

"A 45 y/o, male complained of pruritic scaly rashes all over his body including face, scalp, upper & lower extremities. He consulted a dermatologist & was diagnosed to have Psoriasis. He was given medications, but he didn’t took it. I recommended to him to apply Oleia Topical Oil 4x/day & to take OLEIA Softgels. After 3 weeks, all his rashes disappeared"- Marish Rios, Manila, Philippines

"One day, a psoriatic patient came to my office. He had scaly red patches all over his body and complained of severe itchiness. He said he’s fed up taking pharmaceutical drugs & applying costicosteroid on his skin. I advised him to take Oleia softgels  & apply Oleia Topical Oil on the affected body part. After taking 2 softgels 3x/day & applying Oleia Topical Oil 4x/day for 3 weeks, all his lesions disappeared & his itchiness gone. - Marish Rios, Philippines

"We tried Oleia for Psoriasis, a skin disease which manifested on the skin of my eldest daughter since she was only 9 month-old. We have tried so many ointments, shampoos and lotion for the past 9 years hoping that somehow will improve the condition of my daughter’s skin. We have been to different hospitals and skin specialist and spend a lot of money to suppress the redness, itchiness and scaling of her skin but we have no luck. Her skin remained as it is and sometimes bleeds when we try to remove those dried skin on her scalp and on different parts of her body. It has affected our daughter physically, socially and emotionally.

After waiting for those years of prayers, God answers us with Oleia Topical Oil. We have used it for a week and the skin condition of my daughter seems to improve miraculously. No more redness, itchiness and scaling after continuous use in just one week. You cant even trace the scars of Psoriasis on her body. Now we are using Oleia for all types of pain, I literally mean all types of pain. The migraine of my wife no longer bothers her as it was before using Oleia. My shoulder pain that I get from driving can easily disappear with just a few drops of Oleia. Insect bites and mouth sores of my 2nd daughter can easily heal because of Oleia. We can no longer find a better and safer way of getting rid of pain. Even my new born baby is using Oleia for her navel and gas pains. Oleia is safe, effective and saves us a lot of money. Imagine, one bottle for all types of pain for the whole family, that’s Oleia" – MikeB, Pasig City, Philippines.

"Thanks OLEIA for helping relieve my daughter's eczema!"
My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis since she was 3 months old. For more than five years, we have resorted to different moisturizers prescribed by her pediatrician, some of them cost us quite a fortune. Just as when she turned six last July, I glanced upon this Oleia Topical oil at our local drugstore. I quickly searched it on the internet and read some reviews. then I gave it a try and bought the smallest size. Coincidentally, my daughter's eczema flared-up during that time and so I tried Oleia instead of the usual topical steroid she has been using. This is not bragging, but an hour after I applied Oleia to the affected area, the inflammation and redness subsided. She even told me to apply it on her whole body since she loved the smell. I massaged it all over her body and she slept without crankiness. I swear I will hoard stocks of this for future use. For now, I am planning to try the soft gels for me and my husband. Thanks Oleia!"- Susan Loida Soriano

"I highly recommend oleia. Very safe and effective and good smelling pa. I survived pregnancy nausea because of this. Every time I feel nauseous, I apply it on my temples and nose for instant relief. My children (8yo, 5yo and 3 mos) and I have one bottle each in our bags. Then we have one bottle in our room and one bottle in the kids’ room. We even apply it on bruises and wounds and whenever the kids have fever and flu. Oleia is our go-to emergency aid. I love the lavender smell. Helps my newborn in removing air in her tummy and relaxes her to sleep. One time, the school clinic called me and informed me that my daughter kept coming back to them complaining about stomach ache. They have applied oils that we have gotten used to but nothing works. I instructed the nurse at the school clinic to apply oleia found inside her school bag and the result was instant. At PTC my daughter’s teacher told me that she borrows my daughter’s oleia whenever someone in class complains about ache and pain. Makes me feel proud. Thank you for making our lives better. Hope that more people experience oleia’s wonder".- Cody Rabe Cavestany

Clinical Studies

dr-joseph-leeEffects of Cetylated Fatty Acid (OLEIA Topical Oil) in Alleviation of Pain in Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Randomized Control Trial, July 2013, Principal Investigator: Joseph L. Lee, MD

With the 3-month study of Oleia Oil on 70 experimental patients, we have noted improvements in their pain tolerance after the continuous medication for the duration of the study. Much so, adverse reactions were nil to none.We therefore conclude that Oleia Topical Oil could be used for symptoms of musculoskeletal disorder. Further study of its longer term effects on different musculoskeletal disorder could open the gates for more topical analgesic ointment useful and beneficial to our patients.

Read full text of Oleia Oil Clinical Trial on Efficacy here

LOCAL SKIN SAFETY OF OLEIA TOPICAL OILConducted by: Catherine M. Legaspi, MD, FPDS; Concepcion Esto, MD, DPDS; Madelaine M. Palmea, MD, DPCP

Oleia Oil was compared with 0.09 NaCl solution on  dermal safety, as regards photoallergenicity and development of adverse reactions during usage. The 84 panelists showed no significant effect on dermal irritant scoring (p<0.001, Fischer exact test).

The study demonstrated that Oleia, a topical pain relief containing cetylated fatty acids have no skin contact sensitization potentials nor skin photoallergic potentials. The results of the 10-week clinical study did not demonstrate any cumulative irritancy among the 84 volunteers.

Therefore, the utility of Oleia is very promising, as it is mild, well tolerated and safe in the skin. Its dermal effect is comparable to a simple normal saline solution.

Read full text of Oleia Oil Clinical Trial on Safety here


Clinical studies about cetylated fatty acids and cetyl myristoleate are found here.

OLEIA helps in other inflammatory conditions, too

OLEIA Topical Oil is recommended for these conditions, which are all characterised by inflammation:

Having a bottle of OLEIA Oil is like having a medicine cabinet or first aid kit at your disposal, at home, in the office or anywhere you go!

OLEIA Guarantee 

OLEIA is used by thousands of satisfied users for over 8 years.

If you feel Oleia Topical Oil does not help you reduce pain and inflammation in your particular condition, you may send us an email request for a refund within 15 days of receiving the product. You have another 15 days to return the unused product to us, then we shall refund to you the purchase price minus shipping. 

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I have been suffering from psoriatic arthritis for 15 years now. I tried OLEIA OIL which my friend gave me one day. What a relief! OLEIA OIL has helped me to sleep soundly at night (because I have had no more joint pains) and has lessened the "itchiness" of my psoriasis

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OLEIA OIL is soothing to my skin. It has lessened flare-ups of my psoriasis. I feel much better now.