Natural remedy for dysmenorrhea

If you are the type who skip classes or absent yourself from work due to painful monthly period, then Oleia Topical Oil is for you. 

Research has shown that women with severe period pain have high levels of prostaglandins, hormones known to cause the uterus to contract causing abdominal pain. Prostaglandins and other inflammatory mediators are thought to be a major factor in primary dysmenorrhea.

Before you take NSAIDs like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen for menstrual cramps, consider the potential health risks of NSAIDs such as:

  • Stomach problems like bleeding, ulcer and stomach upset
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver problem
  • Kidney problem
  • Heart problem

Consider natural pain remedy, like Oleia Topical Oil.

OLEIA Topical Oil helps remove symptoms of pain and inflammation, fast. OLEIA Oil deeply penetrates the skin and helps control inflammation. The Omega-3, Omega-5 and Omega-9 fatty acid content of OLEIA Oil helps the inflamed cells to heal and regenerate.

Apply 3ml to 5ml of OLEIA Oil around the abdominal area and observe how your pain subsides in no time. If necessary, continue applying Oleia Oil 3x a day.

Fast-acting effect

OLEIA Topical Oil contains anti-inflammatory olive oil, moringa oil and other premium oils including cetylated fatty acids (cetyl myristoleate).

Cetylation is a process that makes the oil more bio-available and readily absorbed by the body, hence delivering immediate anti-inflammatory effect for faster pain relief. 


OLEIA Oil is safe

Oleia Topical Oil does not contain harsh ingredients like methyl salicylate, camphor and mineral oil.

A clinical study conducted by Dermatologists showed that Oleia Topical Oil is dermal-safe, does not have irritant potential and is well tolerated in local skin treatment of muscle and joint pains.

Pleasantly Scented

OLEIA Topical Oil’s anti-inflammatory action is well enhanced with the aromatherapeutic principles of lavender essential oil.

A calming, soothing & relaxing oil, Lavender helps relieve muscle cramps and joint pain. It is also helpful in treating migraine, headache and emotional stress.

“OLEIA Topical Oil relieves the pain of my daughter every time she has dysmenorrhea. She just applied Oleia Topical Oil on her abdomen, then after 3-5 mins, she is relieved of pain. Not only for dysmenorrhea, she also applies Oleia Topical Oil on her face whenever she has pimples. Very effective and safe, no side effects, all natural” – Jennifer Coyoca, Davao City, Philippines

“We really love OLEIA, it’s really effective for all pains. I use Oleia Oil when i have dysmenorrhea and for my mother when arthritis gives her pain. Oleia Oil is fast and effective. Fifteen minutes after applying Oleia Oil, I already feel pain relief. It’s really powerful”- Jasmine Gabo, Manila, Philippines

“I am 15 years old and I am frequently absent from class due to dysmenorrhea. Since I started using Oleia Topical Oil, I don’t get menstrual pains anymore. Thank you, Oleia!”- Via Lapurga, Tarlac City, Philippines

Clinical Studies

dr-joseph-leeEffects of Cetylated Fatty Acid (OLEIA Topical Oil) in Alleviation of Pain in Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Randomized Control Trial, July 2013, Principal Investigator: Joseph L. Lee, MD

With the 3-month study of Oleia Oil on 70 experimental patients, we have noted improvements in their pain tolerance after the continuous medication for the duration of the study. Much so, adverse reactions were nil to none.We therefore conclude that Oleia Topical Oil could be used for symptoms of musculoskeletal disorder. Further study of its longer term effects on different musculoskeletal disorder could open the gates for more topical analgesic ointment useful and beneficial to our patients.

Read full text of Oleia Oil Clinical Trial on Efficacy here.

LOCAL SKIN SAFETY OF OLEIA TOPICAL OILConducted by: Catherine M. Legaspi, MD, FPDS; Concepcion Esto, MD, DPDS; Madelaine M. Palmea, MD, DPCP

Oleia Oil was compared with 0.09 NaCl solution on  dermal safety, as regards photoallergenicity and development of adverse reactions during usage. The 84 panelists showed no significant effect on dermal irritant scoring (p<0.001, Fischer exact test).

The study demonstrated that Oleia, a topical pain relief containing cetylated fatty acids have no skin contact sensitization potentials nor skin photoallergic potentials. The results of the 10-week clinical study did not demonstrate any cumulative irritancy among the 84 volunteers.

Therefore, the utility of Oleia is very promising, as it is mild, well tolerated and safe in the skin. Its dermal effect is comparable to a simple normal saline solution.

Read full text of Oleia Oil Clinical Trial on Safety here.


Clinical studies about cetylated fatty acids and cetyl myristoleate are found here.

OLEIA helps in other inflammatory conditions, too

OLEIA Topical Oil is recommended for these conditions, which are all characterised by inflammation:

Having a bottle of OLEIA Oil is like having a medicine cabinet or first aid kit at your disposal, at home, in the office or anywhere you go!

OLEIA Guarantee 

OLEIA is used by thousands of satisfied users for over 8 years.

If you feel Oleia Topical Oil does not help you reduce pain and inflammation in your particular condition, you may send us an email request for a refund within 15 days of receiving the product. You have another 15 days to return the unused product to us, then we shall refund to you the purchase price minus shipping. 

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