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I’m one of those moms who became prone to neck aches and headaches after their kid turned two. Haha! All parents must have gone through major stress with their children. So when I was offered to try Oleia Topical Oil, I went why not?

For a brief background, Oleia was founded by a Biochemist who wanted a natural solution to body pain. She put together a mixture of olive oil, moringa oil, virgin coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil and other premium oils, and Oleia Oil was born. She claims that Oleia Oil relieves chronic inflammation, muscle pains, skin irritation, migraine, psoriasis, asthma attacks, sports injuries, dysmenorrhea, dermatitis, and tendonitis. 

The good thing about Oleia Oil is that it doesn’t have camphor, methyl salicylate and mineral oil as ingredients. These are known to cause liver and kidney damage when used regularly.


My problem areas are my feet (I’ve had trouble with foot pain for over a month), my nape (stress) and head (stress).

For over a week I have been applying Oleia Oil (the lavender one) to my feet and nape and temples. On days when I remember to do so, the pain disappears after an hour in my observation, especially the stress pains. On days when I neglect to apply the oil, especially to my feet, I have trouble standing. Another amazing side, was my asthma attacks started to lessen since I have been using Oleia Oil.

This is not a miracle cure by any chance but a very scientific approach. The oils combat inflammation which makes the pain disappear. I have been a fan of essential oils for a while now and have played around with different blends for pain relief but I like how Oleia Oil is ready-made for days when I am too tired to blend on my own.

I am sure most of you have go-to lotions and potions for pain but I recommend trying Oleia especially since it is safe for breastfeeding moms and children. They have had it tested. I am happy I found out about Oleia and will surely keep stock on hand for me and my family. 



About The Author

Andrea is a full time home maker. When she is not busy taking care of her husband and kids, she goes out giving financial management talks. She is a proud breastfeeding mom for four years running and an avid Oleia Topical Oil user.