“The light is always there… how much light comes to you, depends on you” – MCKS

I’m always fascinated by rainbows!.. (who isn’t?)…

They sort of tell me that whatever the condition is, the light is always there…

Hi! My name is Angel. Friends call me Oleia Ann. I’m a Biochemist, agripreneur and a total wellness advocate.

These rainbow photos were taken in our farm at the foothills of Mt Banahaw in Quezon province where we grow vegetables, rootcrops and herbs. I advocate eating organic vegetables as much as possible because as a Biochemist, I know the mechanisms how pesticides and chemicals penetrate the tissues and organs of the body and harm the immune system.

Like most moms, I read food products’ labels, google for more info, so I can serve only the best for my children. For example, I shy away from processed food products with hydrogenated oil, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, because they are so bad for our family’s health.

In this blog, I will try to share with you information on how to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and achieve total wellness, in mind, body and spirit.

“Our body has the natural ability to heal itself. We just need to provide it with the right raw materials like nutrients and antioxidants to fight off bacteria and viruses and boost the immune system… And a positive frame of mind, one that makes us conductive to God’s infinite power and blessings, will help a lot”


Kids Spell L-O-V-E… T-I-M-E

Kids Spell L-O-V-E… T-I-M-E

To have kids is a privilege. Not every man gets the opportunity to be a dad. But when you’re blessed with one, you have to make them feel loved.