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They say if we fall in love we became crazy about it.

There are times that when we meet the person we fall in love with, we’ll feel butterflies inside our tummies. We even have those moments wherein we lose focus simply because we are too captivated by that person.

There are a lot of circumstances and challenges in falling in love. Sometimes we even reach to a point when we start asking ourselves if we are becoming crazy. There’s this thing called “love at first sight” as well. We also have the so called “puppy love”. Feeling loved started ever since we existed. We had our parents’ love, our siblings’ love, our friends’ love but through time we develop a certain kind of love that would end up in marriage.

But also, there are things you must avoid when falling in love. There are certain instances where like you probably love the person but that person won’t love you back. It’s unrequited. Another love story scenario could be you where love someone but another person loves you, both of you ending up with nothing.

The most painful scenario though is when you are already in what it seemed to be a perfect relationship but suddenly due to some circumstances, the love you built together falls apart.

In love, there are challenges that you cannot control.

It’s like pain, you cannot really control when you will feel it. But I guess, one good thing about pain is, it is curable by love. We can be in pain and the people who love us will also feel the same. Though not exactly on how you feel, but it is something that pinches their hearts. They care and love us unconditionally that’s why they look for ways to ease the pain. That effort alone is a sign of love; they do their best to help us in any way they can.

When experiencing pain, the people who love us will stay with us no matter what. They will be with us through those painful times.  And when our loved ones search for a remedy for the everyday pain we feel. It is best that they should go with an essential oil that is made with love. Just like OLEIA, it is  a natural oil with natural ingredients. It eases any kind of everyday pain. It is made with love so it will surely cure the pain. It can be used by almost anyone, even babies.

A simple massage can mean a lot, a simple application on the chest is enough. It is a way of expressing care. And caring is loving; if you love the person, you do your best just to relieve them from pain.

If you love them, you give the best, and the best is an oil that is also made with pure love – Oleia Topical Oil.

About The Author

An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.