All of us only have 24 hours in a day. We spend most of our time doing works, tasks and a little bit of having fun when we need or have to. As a young-adult, I love sleeping and having a time off from a busy day of paper works, traffic and stress. But, when your body got hit by diseases there will be times that your sleep will be affected by sickness.

I am a busy person.

As a busy person, I have committments to different stuffs related to my work. I cannot afford to be absent for a long time. So I have to be immune from diseases that might affect to my health. There are times that I need to skip from my work and stay at home to rest. Sometimes, I go to work despite not feling well. I keep on coughing and my co-workers are annoyed because of the noise that I am making. Also, they are  worried because the disease might turn out to be contagious and I might spread the virus.

It affects my work.

My body becomes weak and fragile when a virus is within me. So I need to find something that can be useful to avoid sickness and the sleepless nights. Because, I work in a very busy place where time is very important, I need to have my full energy for the day of stress, work and traffic. There’s this one time when I needed to rest early as I have a meeting with a client the next morning. Unfortunately, I had trouble sleeping because of a severe cough and colds that hitted me.

My loved ones are getting worried.

My Mom started to worry because it’s already late and I need to be at work early. She called my aunt to ask about a home remedy that she can use so I can sleep and stop coughing. My aunt recommended what she and my cousins are using. It gives relief from cough and colds and helps them sleep when they are having a hard time due to sickness. She said that it is available in the nearest mercury drug store.


It was a cetylated oil named Oleia.


My Mom applied it to my chest and back after a few minutes I started to feel a soothing feeling and ooze to sleep. It is very effective. When I was about to go to work I asked my mom to give me the oil she applied to me. I was amazed because it has natural ingredients and essential oils from various medicinal plants.

It is Oleia Peppermint, it has a very soothing effect when applied. Now, I have no worries about having a hard time in sleeping because I have cough and colds because I know Oleia fights sleepless nights!

About The Author

To Kris, life is an awfully big adventure so she lives it day by day. For her, we must learn from the past, live with the present and aim for a great future. She is an Oleia user.