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Cellulite is a dimpled and lumpy appearance of skin. It affects almost 90% of women in the world an 10% men. It usually appears on fatty parts like buttock, thighs abdomens and others which improperly circulate blood, those that lack activity.

Some people panic when they see a part that has cellulite. I tell you, don’t freak out, it’s just a normal fat under your skin. It is not harmful.

Cellulite triggers when:

Hormonal Imbalanced

Estrogen Dominance or having too much estrogen weakens the connective tissue of the skin. This is the reason why it can’t hold any fats anymore.

Unhealthy eating

Eat more organic food and always hydrate. Our body is made of 60% water once it’s dehydrated it will not function at its best. And also the skin is the largest organ in our body to be replenished and look supple it needs enough water daily.


Yes, Cellulite can be pass on generation. If an individual is prone to cellulite maybe because of skin type and fat distribution. The offspring is likely to be prone and might acquire cellulite too.


When aging, your skin sags and loses its elasticity. This will cause more development of cellulite.


This the most cliché yet very effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It not just burns calories but also helps in circulation of blood that helps our skin healthy and free from cellulite. To get a much visible result, make sure that you are targeting the right part (cellulite). There are different exercise depending on the part of the body where cellulite is.

These are some essential oils that can detoxify skin & other organs and helps proper blood circulation.

Juniper – it is known for its antiseptic capability and good for removing uric acid from the body. It is also good for promoting and improving blood circulation that helps in reducing cellulite.

Citrus Oil – Its smell gives massage a tropical vibe. This essential oil can go well with different essential oils. Most of the time essential oils are mixed to get a different cure in one application.

Cypress Oil -it helps by toning our skin and also revitalizes weak connective tissues.

This one of the best way of reducing cellulite because it relaxes you and helps your blood flow properly. Here are quick steps on how to do it. Apply essential oil to the affected part put slight pressure on it and massage it circularly and then stroke towards your heart. It is recommended to do it 5 minutes a day.


When you brush towards your heart, it effectively stimulates blood flow underneath our skin. You can use natural bristle brush or loofah to do so. Its benefits do not limit on proper flowing of blood but it can also improve the elasticity of skin, exfoliates skin cells and helps lymphatic system release toxins. This benefits helps us not just outwardly but also on the inside. Use it daily for a visible result.

Taking care of your body requires a healthy lifestyle. Those binge eating and lazy habit can not only get you cellulite but also other serious diseases. Create a lifestyle that inspires others as well to be healthy too.


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