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Oleia Confessions Vol. 5


It’s the first day of school and I’m just so excited to see my friends, old classmates, basketball teammates, and meet new friends its my senior year in high school and to think that I only have Less than 365 days before I start a new course of study in college I wanna make the most out of this time.

Personally, I think my whole high school life was more than books, projects, and assignments it was fun! I’m probably one of the most popular students in school given that I am the captain of the basketball team it also pays that our team has not yet been beaten since the start of the tournaments last year. True enough winning makes you popular, but out of all the adventures I experience I still feel that something is missing.

Today was just a typical day.

I’m heading out to the gym with the ball on my right hand, my basketball kicks to my left and my gym bag strapped around my shoulders down to my waist. I take my game seriously even in practice. So before I even head to the gym I psych myself up, I want my mood to be on game mode, so I always play my spotify playlist titled “Basketball groove”. Music keeps my blood pumping my adrenalin always to the next level.

Then every time I’m a block away from the gym I made it a habit to sprint as fast as I can to get my momentum going. As I was running full speed ahead with the music beating hard to my ear drums I was totally unaware of my surroundings. Then out of nowhere a girl just appeared and I hit her hard on her shoulders that made her loose her balance and fall. Dang!

I picked her up

then said sorry the next moment was really weird. The moment I saw her face, time seem like to stand still. Man! she was so beautiful! Bright round hazel brown Eyes, long black hair and a smile that shines like the stars. That was the moment that I proved to myself that what happens in Television can happen in real life, that was the moment that I met my first Crush. 16 years in existence and this was the first time that I’ve felt this feeling that I couldn’t really explain with words.

Going back, After I picked her up I asked her name, maybe she’s a little weirded out or maybe she’s shy that it took her a while before answering my question. Her name was Czandrae/dae after that I’ve noticed that she had bruise on her knees I quickly helped her sit on a waiting shed near us and grabbed my gym bag. Thankfully I always bring my Oleia Topical Oil when I go to the gym in case of any injuries and pain, I applied it to her bruises and quickly she felt relief. This oil never fails in battling pain caused by injuries and its really fast acting! Given that it is made up of natural ingredients. Now that we’re done with the commercial let’s go back to our story.

After that Day

I started dating her it wasn’t easy given that it was my first time dating a girl and I was afraid to loose her, but thankfully after several months she said yes, she confessed to me that she also had that slow mo phenomenon but it was when I was applying Oleia to her bruises.

It’s been 20 years since that story happened and still I’m an avid Oleia user. Though my basketball career ended in college, I didn’t loose faith in Oleia for I’ve proven the effectiveness of this Miracle Cure for Pain. And definitely an added “Pogi Points” when used on women. Czandrae and I have been happily married for 15 years with three kids since that incident.



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