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My dad has the brightest smile. He always gives what I want. He always makes sure that I eat first than him.

He never gets tired. He is strong. He doesn’t cry. He is my superhero. He is my FIRST LOVE.

But he is this world’s GREATEST LIAR.

            He is a liar – and a great one indeed! Well, I thought he is a good dad.  He does everything for me. He prepares my food. He helps me with my assignments. He even lets me ride his back and play with me. We often go to parks or malls if when I request. I remember when he even bought my favourite ice cream because I badly wanted it. I cried loudly, insisting that I really wanted that ice cream. He didn’t let me buy though; saying that after eating one will just trigger my toothache.

But of course during my younger days, I threw tantrums crying for and ice cream so he had no choice but to buy me one. During that night then, what he said was true. I went back to him crying because of the pain I felt due the tooth ache. But just like every other dad, he approached me as if it wasn’t my fault why I’m in pain. He still treated me me and tried his best to make me stop crying.

He did it without blaming my stubbornness.

The most amazing thing about it though, he was smiling while doing everything for me as if he was really willing to do it anywhere, anytime.

That’s how great my dad was. Not until I learned the truth. He lied to me.

I thought he was totally honest. But it turned out that while he makes sure that I eat first, he’s actually skipping some of his. He acts as if he is a ball of energy but he’s actually tired. He doesn’t cry but when I’m around but he’s wincing in pain and cries when am not. 

He was my super hero, and that’s true. He was my first love but he was also my FIRST HEART BREAK!

It still breaks my heart seeing him sacrifice everything for me.

When I saw this video… 

It crushed my heart, I felt a sudden pain inside that sent chills down to my spine. I realized how huge the lie was and the magnitude of what my dad was doing for me. I felt guilty but also felt loved.

He’s the greatest liar and he’s not a good dad. He is the best dad in this world.


This Sunday, we will be celebrating Father’s day and I am sure there are a lot of wonderful dad stories out there.  Let us take this day in showing our gratitude to our dads. They ultimately deserve one. 


Meanwhile, enjoy the video and prepare some tissues while your eyes perspire! 😉




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Reynald is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a dreamer by night, a storyteller by day.His stories are told through the click of his camera lens and the strokes of his pen.