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This morning, my eldest,  Angela,  asked for extra sweet breakfast.

She wanted cereals with milk and chocolate syrup.  It’s hard to make them eat in the morning so I gave in with the idea of extra sweet cereals. She helped me to prepare one for her and another bowl for his brother.  I even added more spoons of cereal to each bowl to somehow balance the sweetness and the cereals (or maybe just to lessen my guilt). 

My husband is now all prepped up for work and is running late for a meeting.  We already had breakfast before the kids woke up to take advantage of “us”  time since its really hard to find one when you have 3 little munchkins and no “yaya”. We have to intentionally set time to catch up even just over coffee,  to have a relaxed talk from playful kids (for parents with little kids, you know it’s not easy to focus on one if you’re all on the same table!).

As Wendell is hurrying up to  work, he kissed each one of us goodbye and went straight out of the door. Suddenly I heard Angela cry,  I turned to her and saw the extra sweet cereal mix spilled on the table.
I looked at the mess on the table and I looked at her with irritation. My initial reaction was,
“oh no what happened?!”
Angela just answered me with sobbering voice,
“Mommy yung cereals ko natapon!” (“Mommy my cereals spilled!”).
My irritation level now stepped up to no. 2 because of the mess (and the food, sayang!). I asked a follow-up  question,
“Bakit natapon?”  (Why did it spill?)
and she said
“Eh kasi i want to kiss and love love ko si daddy”.

“Love love” is her term for hug. It turned out that she was trying to run after her dad to hug and kiss him goodbye before he goes.  Angela does this when Wendell and I go out of the house, she wants to be the one to kiss and hug us goodbye. She’s really a sweet girl. 

Now, my irritated self was filled with guilt,  all I just replied to her was

“Oh ok,  go call him before he’s gone.  Shout so he could hear you.”
Fortunately,  Wendell is still in the garage preparing the car, so Angela was able to catch him and give him a kiss and a “love love”  🙂 .
It’s really hard not to get irritated but having kids both test and extend your  patience.
In reality, you have no choice but to extend it.  Being a mom means being able to love even at the most unlovable moment of your child. In this instance, I also learned that our reactions will determine the next sequel of events.  If I reacted otherwise,  it will also end with a different outcome.
Angela returned to the table and asked me sweetly,
“Mommy can we make another bowl for me?”
Down with her sweetness,  I answered,
“Yes, Of course baby.  But next time please be extra careful, okay?”
You know what she said?
“Okay mommy.  I love you!”
This event made me remember one of my Facebook posts months back… (Take note of the caption)
It’s true all the time, that 90% of what happens to you is uncontrollable. But the remaining  10% is up to you. Especially for moms like me, we are our kids fountain of love.
It’s hard to balance our daily emotions given that our kids are always on the look out (we may not notice it,  but sure they are! They are good imitators, too! So we really have to be careful.).
Whatever circumstances we’re at,  may it be at the dining table or at  the cliff of a mountain, with little percentage as it is, the way we respond  will create an impact in our lives and will exceed that uncontrollable 90%.
It’s going to be long term and surely will either inspire or break the next generation: Our children.
So lets be careful with that 10%, ok? 😉


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Andrea is a full time home maker. When she is not busy taking care of her husband and kids, she goes out giving financial management talks. She is a proud breastfeeding mom for four years running and an avid Oleia Topical Oil user.