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Menstrual cramps“OLEIA Topical Oil relieves the pain of my daughter every time she has menstrual cramps. She just applies Oleia Topical Oil on her abdomen then after 3-5 mins, the pain is gone. Not only for dysmenorrhea, she also applies Oleia Topical Oil on her face whenever she has pimples. Very effective and safe, no side effects, all natural.” – Jennifer Coyoca






“My daughter, Michelle, was delightedly surprised when her dysmenorrhea so quickly disappeared after only about 20 minutes of applying OLEIA OIL.” – TERESITA GATDULA, Pilar, Bataan, Philippines


“I am 15 years old and I am frequently absent from class due to dysmenorrhea. Since I started using Oleia Topical Oil, I don’t get menstrual pains anymore. Thank you, Oleia!”- Via Lapurga, Tarlac City, Philippines


Natural Remedy for Dysmenorrhea