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Cae-james Premature infants need the most natural of all caring. I gave birth to my son Jude Marco at 32 weeks and weighed a measly 2 pounds. Fragile as he was, he was kept at The Medical City NICU for more than a month. As advised by my aunt, I started to apply Oleia Topical Oil as soon as we were able to bring him home. Religiously at multiple times of the day, I massaged his whole body. He’s now 5 years old, accelerated by 1 level at Kids International Learning Academy, a stage performer, Tae Kwon Do athlete and recently a swimmer. Who says pre-me babies will have limited physical activities?! Oleia Oil is a staple item in his schoolbag, my make-up kit, and readily available at home for every medical emergency. -Christel Marie Quiambao, 32