"Promos may save your life and wallet!"

A night where everything is legal, a night where there’s no holds bar, a night that’s wild, a night of making love: Honeymoon. This is your moment; you and your partner. After all the formal ceremonies and stuff, it’s now between the two of you. Are you ready? What will you do first? Who will make the first move? How will you react on it? Will she be satisfied? These are the questions you think on your honeymoon, but before planning your wild night, you are left with one simple but painstaking question:

Where will you go for your honeymoon?

Others may choose destinations and attractions abroad, but not all of us can afford the pricey consequence of having your honeymoon outside of the Philippines. So scratch that plans for an overseas honeymoon. It’s just too painful, for you and your wallet.

 Don’t be disappointed. There are lots of tourist destinations here in the Philippines. Imagine 81 provinces to choose from for your honeymoon! 81! But there are a lot of factors to consider:

  • Other destinations are already established and well known. Honeymoon is no fun when its crowdie and noisy. There’s no “us” time with that much noise and disturbance.
  • The cost is too much! The cost for the hotel and travel is like traveling to Singapore or Malaysia, you and your wallet will cry.

Don’t get stressed too much, don’t give up! We’re here to help you out of your dilemma in choosing your honeymoon getaway. Here are three destinations in the Philippines that are not that visited, not pricey, but provide a fun and exciting honeymoon for you lovers:


The Far North Paradise

Want a simple and quite honeymoon? Batanes is the best! An island on the far north of the Philippines, it’s already 5 “kembot” away from Taiwan. Taiwan is already visible from Batanes, and even radios can detect frequencies from radio stations in Taiwan. Also, Batanes is recommended for couples who love nature tripping, with the green pastures, the breeze of the sea and its fresh air.


Only Philippine Airlines and Skyjet are the two major airlines that fly directy towards Basco, Batanes from Manila. Small airlines such as Wakay Air and Sky Pasada now also fly to Batanes daily. Tickets to Batanes are not on the affordable side, but if you’re lucky you can get them for cheap when the airlines have a seat sale.

Price: Php500 to Php9500 (Promos may save your life and wallet!)


Troy’s Lodge
: P700 per room (2-3 pax)

No Wi-Fi

Marfel’s Lodge
: P700 per room (2 pax), P350/person for a single fan room

Wi-fi equipped

Both inns are located in the town proper of Basco and near the airport.

Places to Visit
  • Tayid Lighthouse
  • Tukon Church
  • Mount Iraya
  • Morong Beach

Believe it or not, you can go to Batanes with just Php6600! Just cling on the promises of promos!

© The Poor Traveller


The Mango Escapade

Mangoes, mangoes, and a lot more mangoes; tamis na wagas sa Guimaras! With more or less 50,000 mango trees (some are over 100 years old) thriving on its fertile soil. But Guimaras is not only home to the world’s sweetest mangoes, it also overflows with natural attractions that lure travelers.


Manila to Guimaras via Iloilo

  1. Plane (Manila-Iloilo)

Php1800 – Php5000 (Again, promos may save your life and wallet!)

  1. Boat (Iloilo-Guimaras)



The Clara Beach

Rate: Php900

Pine Haven

Rate: Php2072

Places to Visit
  • Mango Research Center
  • Museo De Guimaras
  • Guisi Lighthouse and Beach
  • Alibuhod Beach
  • Guimaras Windmills

So again, if you want to travel not only for some swim or relaxation, but also for some freakin’ sweet mangoes, Guimaras is your destination for honeymoon.

©The Pinay Solo Backpacker


The Undiscovered Sanctuary

Few people visit this province. This largely uncharted region is oozing with pristine beaches and gorgeous diving spots. Believe me, your future with your wife is as clear as the waters of Siquijor if you’ll have your honeymoon there.


Manila to Siquijor via Dumaguete City

  1. Plane(Manila-Dumaguete City)

Php3000-Php5000 (For the nth time, promos may save your life and wallet!)

  1. Boat (Dumaguete City-Siquijor)



Dondeezco Beach Club

Rate: Php2250

Blue Wave Inn

Rate: Php1458

Places to Visit
  • Salagdoong Beach
  • Century Old Balete Tree
  • Cambugahay Falls

© The Pinay Solo Backpacker

These are just 3 provinces that are seldom visited by “bakasyonistas” but hey, we have the internet, we have Google, any province in the Philippines is just 1 search away. But anywhere you go, always remember, it’s your moment, it’s your wife’s moment, so seize it.

Oops! Don’t forget, honeymoon can be very tiring (if you know what I mean). The travel, the walk, the swim, it’s all tiring, that’s why always bring an Oleia to your travel! Anywhere, anytime, any pain, Oleia is ready, willing and able to cure your pain!

About The Author

Fahrizal “Fahr” Faisal is a Broadcasting major from Bulacan State University. Musician, Badminton Player, Marketing Staff and an Oleia user. With all his activities, Fahr uses Oleia Topical oil to reduce pain and fatigue from all of his activities.