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Whenever someone talks about fitness, we always assume that it’s about our external bodies. We talk about muscles, we talk about endurance, and we also talk about diet. However, there’s a lot more to health that meets the eye.

Being brain fit is also important in order to live a healthy and an active lifestyle. The brain is essentially the center of everything we do. Without a properly functioning brain, we will have problems doing our everyday tasks, regardless how menial it is. In addition to completing everyday tasks, if you take care of your brain now, it will take care of you later. Several studies have found out that those who keeps their brain healthy have significantly lower risks of dementia and other cases of forgetfulness.

Benefits of being brain fit:

⦁ Better Memory
⦁ You can Think Faster
⦁ Improve Self Confidence
⦁ Enhanced Creativity

Mental fitness can be achieved through the right amount of training. Here are some proven ways to make your brain not only active, but thriving.

⦁ Always do a recall – A recall means memorizing things always. Try doing it with cellphone numbers, birth dates, and even verses from a book. This will help your memory retention and will more likely come in handy in practical situations.

⦁ Love music – A lot of us does have challenges in learning how to play the piano or the guitar, however, studies have found out that those who try to learn instruments and those who try to learn something new enhances their minds especially as they age.

⦁ Read – A reader is not just a leader, but is also a constant learner. Reading not only informs the mind but it also engages our imagination. Reading imaginatively takes our brain into the next level and reading also improves our vocabulary. Don’t be afraid to make it a goal to read one book a month, it’s definitely fulfilling.

⦁ Trick your mind – Eat with chopsticks, use you less dominant hand, and try to solve that Rubik’s cube. Letting your mind be tricked gets you off on routine thinking and makes it active once again.

Brain wellness is as important as our heart health. Never take it for granted. Our minds helps us achieve our goals, and without it – we certainly cannot win our way to success!

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About The Author

Manuel is a guy who loves books. He enjoys reading and does it whenever he can. If he’s not reading, he spends time with his family and also ministers to teenagers in a local church. He does public speaking and talks about issues concerning the youth and young professionals. An Oleia topical oil user and content contributor.