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“It’s nice to think that the reason that people don’t do what you need them to do, or conform to your standards, or make good choices is simply that they don’t know enough.”

After all, if that’s the case, all you’ll need to do is inform them, loudly and clearly.

So, that employee who shows up late: just let her know that being late isn’t allowed. Threaten to fire her.That’ll do it.

That officemate you like will not ask herself on a date unless you go ask her out. She will never figure out you like her in the first place unless you tell her so.

When you dine, the waiter will not have an idea of what you want to eat from the get go.He’s there with his pen ready to take down your order. He can never make a wild guess on your food choices until you tell him so.

The thing is, ignorance is rarely the problem.The challenge is that people don’t always care about what you care about.


And the reason they don’t care isn’t that they don’t know what you know. The reason is that they don’t believe what you believe.

The challenge, then, isn’t to inform them. It’s to engage and teach and communicate in a way that shares emotion and values and beliefs. Put for example how we choose our pain relievers? Isn’t it that we conform to what we got used to? What our parents and probably grand parents have been accustomed to using?

They’ll tell you, “take this or use this, I’ve had one for years! So it’s tried and tested!

When we’ve grown accustomed to something, it becomes our culture, a part of who we are. That is why we seldom shift course, we seldom change products. But the question is, is it really because of the brand? Or is it because we just don’t want to upset our fore fathers? Or maybe, we are just too ignorant to look around and see that there are better ones out there? You probably have not heard about Oleia Topical Oil.

Trust me I didn’t know what this product was 3 months ago. To think that this has been around the past 8 years in the market is a testament to how good the quality is. As I started using one, I realized that because I got used to other brands, I’ve opted to stay away from those I’m not familiar of. And I was ignorant to think that it wasn’t as good as the top brands.

I was wrong.

Let me tell you one thing. To compare Oleia Topical Oil with other liniments and other oils is a disgrace to comparison itself. Oleia Topical Oil is a totally different specie. In fact it should be in a universe of it’s own. Soothing relief naturally, ingredients that don’t harm you and is even great for babies, Scents that do not make your nose turn upside down. Yes, you are probably as ignorant about it now while you’re reading. Prove me wrong.

Try this product and tell me that what I believe is not true. At the end of the day, your experience with Oleia Topical oil will bring out emotions, will intrigue you to understand its values, and as the makers of this product say

this is a gift from our family to yours

… by then, just like me, you will become a believer.

About The Author

Wendell is the CEO and Managing Director of Business Is Fun Club. He is a speaker, entrepreneur, and a full time family man. Hates being bored he ends up sleeping.