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MANILA, Philippines — Today, there are a lot of products and services that offer benefits and even claims to do almost everything. But, there are just a handful of truths and even efficacies among all these claims and benefits.

In totality, wellness is a state of well-being where one’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and vocational areas are all balanced and in harmony. Is this possible at all?

Mr. Webster, on one hand simply defines wellness as a “physical state of being free from any disease.”

The reality is, we can never be free from any disease, but we can actually adopt a lifestyle, and a regimen of healthy diet and excercise to make it possible for us or for anyone to actively pursue a better and more meaningful lifestyle.

Nutriwell International Corporation is one of the very few nutraceutical companies which develops formulations and food supplements that underscore the true meaning and value of wellness. Their products and formulations, as with many testimonials, clinical studies and references, literatures and plain but simple statements attest to offer promising and positive results from different market profiles: patients, mothers, moderately-ill to even acute cases, and even healthy and active individuals.

One of the flagship products of Nutriwell International Corporation is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory nutrient called OleiaSoftgels. Oleia Softgel is an anti-inflammatory nutrient that contains Cetylated Fatty Acid (CFA or cetyl myristoleate), a natural substance, which helps those who are suffering from chronic degenerative diseases and auto-immune disorders associated with deficiency in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

The magic of CFA

Cetyl Myristoleate is an ester of fatty acid. Fatty acids are the individual components of oils in the same way that amino acids are the building block of proteins. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linolenic acid and linoleic, are crucial to life and are called EFAs. Research shows that cetylmyristoleate appears to have the same beneficial characteristics as the EFAs. However, it is stronger and the benefits are longer lasting. EFAs are essential to normal cell structure, physiological processes, body function, and serve as components to nerve cells and cell membranes. EFAs are depleted in chronic inflammatory diseases and their deficiency is associated withy many autoimmune diseases. EFAs when used over an extended period of time, have been shown to decrease pain, inflammation, and motion limitations of arthritis.

Cetyl Myristoleate functions in three ways:

-It functions like an essential fatty acid that is needed to promote healthy cells, membranes and bodily functions and processes.

-It serves as a surfactant (like WD-40) as it lubricates joints and the entire human body, making muscles glide more smoothly over other muscles, bursae, and bones, plus it also softens these tissues making them more pliable.

-It also functions as an immune system modulator. This is the reason it has been found to be so effective in addressing auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and multiple sclerosis.

Analgesic applications

“There are also sufficient if not abundant studies and cases in the U.S. where Cetyl Myristoleate has shown significant benefits and positive results in the prevention of arthritic episodes. It also effectively reduced moderate inflammatory pain levels in a variety of joint and muscle diseases, as well as reduction in disabilities related to migraine headaches, psoriasis. In a sense, Cetyl Myristoleate may be well regarded as a supplement that has a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory and analgesic applications.

Cetyl Myristoleate is also bio-available, it is 100 percent absorbed in the intestinal mucosa, if given orally, or when applied topically. It is readily absorbed because of its transdermal efficiency.