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"He is the source of strength in the family. Most of us admire our fathers for what they do for us."

Father’s day has ended, but do we really know why we celebrate father’s day? It’s not just to celebrate the existence of your father, it’s about knowing the importance of his role in your family and in the society.

Fathers are the ones expected to be the Provider, Leader, and the Lover.

Some of us may not agree to this because not all fathers live to their role in his family. Some men avoid the responsibilty of being a father. That’s why, they reject to their obligations.

A father is what most of us looked up to when we were young. He provides what we need  and he gives us the love and guidance even after long hours of work. He is the source of strength in the family. Most of us admired our fathers for what they can do and what they do for us.

Not all of us are given the chance to have a father who’s up to the responsibilities of being one. Being fatherless is somehow reflects to what happens in the society.

According to a census conducted by the US Bureau of Census (U.S.A.) Being fatherless led to:


Of all teenage murderers

Times likely to be more violent


Of rapists.


Of the teen suicides


Of kids incarcerated


Of the adolescents in psychiatric hospitals


More chance to likely to quit school


Of runaways

Father deprivation is considered as a serious form of child-abuse. One of the struggles of growing up without a father is dealing with bullying and gossiping of what really happened, and why they don’t know their father. Being deprived of a father has a lot of impact to the child, Positive or negative, the effects are actually visible.

Being a responsible Father really does take a lot or effort to be achieved, you need Love, focus and passion. You need Love to keep you going without minding the stress of work or even life in general you need to give and also receive love, you need focus to set your goals for your family’s future especially your child, and passion to keep you going for your family. Beyond all the struggles of fathers to Provide, Lead, and Love being a father is one of the best experience a Man could have.

The feeling of being called Dad, Papa, Daddy, Tatay, or Ama is priceless.

The feeling of being relied on keeps us going for we know that they trust us, and the feeling of seeing your child grow up the way you wanted them to be is one of the priceless treasures a Man could have. Being a Father is not an Obligation, It’s a choice that only real men would take.

About The Author

Josef is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a express himself through writing and music. He is not good at lying. He believes in the quote “He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know”