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“I’m the best boyfriend that any woman could ever wish for, Because I have everything! “


Oleia Confession Vol. 9

Perfect man

Hi I’m Justine and I’m the best boyfriend that any woman could ever wish for, I have everything! I have a car, a mansion, a town house in Tagaytay, in Baguio and Palawan. I am the man that every woman have dreamed of and I can’t blame them for that because I’m perfect, well at least in my writings. I don’t actually have everything. I’m just a freelance writer that earns just right to feed myself. That’s the reason why the best boyfriend only exists on my writings. I influence the minds of young girls to look for the best boyfriend that is purely fictional. I’m not that good on doing those “sweet talks” and “flirty moves” that girls really like. So basically, I’m better off alone. That’s why I create and write stories about the “perfect man”. If I can’t get myself a girlfriend then others should not have one too.

My job is not that easy. There are so many revisions going on and I have to think of something that can make the readers interested in my stories.  I always stay up late at night because that’s the time when I can think clearly and have my thoughts in order. That everyday routine caused me a painful migraine. One late night, I decided to have a little break to rearrange my thoughts. I went at the convenience store that is located right beside my apartment. As I sat down to drink a cup of coffee, I saw a girl on the other side of the table. She seems to be a bit older than me or maybe it’s because of her eyeglasses. What caught my attention is that she has so many medical books on her table. So as a genius being, I concluded that she must be a stressed med student.

I had these thoughts that time that kept on bugging me as I watch her read and write. Thoughts like why is she studying here? Is she homeless? Or did she get kicked out of her house, or maybe she’s a staff here in the convenience store and her shift’s over already? I stopped concluding things when I saw her rubbed her head hard. That’s got to be some serious headache because she was clenching her teeth with her eyes shut. That’s when I decided to enter the picture. I have this Oleia topical oil that always helps me with my headache. I sat beside her, tapped her shoulder for her to know my presence then I gave it to her. She hesitated at first, telling that she’s fine and she’s used to it. But I insisted. After she took it, I finished my coffee then waved her goodbye.

Few days after that encounter, I met her again in the convenience store. She approached me with a smile and thanked me right away. She told me that she passed all her exams thanks to that “amazing oil” that I gave her back then. She was really very happy that she even managed to call me her “angel”. She’s so noisy and annoying at first but later on, I find her cute already. She gave me her number and asked mine. We kept on chatting and seeing each other often. So to make the story short, we’re now officially together. When I celebrated my “first-monthsary-ever” with my “first-girlfriend-ever”, she gave me a pack of Oleia she told me that I should thank Oleia because if it wasn’t for that miracle oil we wouldn’t have been together,  Now I am striving to be the best boyfriend in the world Im so far away to the characters in my story but atleast for her I am the best. I am justine an Oleia user and this is my Oleia Love story.