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“Every woman wants to have a beautiful and flawless skin, skin is the largest and arguably the most beautiful organ of the body.”

Venus is the roman goddess of beauty. She’s the most beautiful woman among the goddesses and even the entire universe. She’s the personification of what is the ideal vision of a woman aesthetically. Every woman wants  to be the best version of themselves, everytime. They want to be beautiful as much as possible in front of the crowd, their man, and even jut in front of the mirror. There are even jokes about them getiing late to their appointments because of their ‘kilay’ goals. Women are conscious about how they look – from their hair, face, make ups and most of all, their skin. Skin is the biggest organ of the body and therefore they badly want it to be the fairest and beautiful as much as possible.

Here are some tips to protect and have a beautiful and flawless skin.

First, start taking care of your skin by yourself. Apply natural products and eat food that is healthy. Instead of applying ice to minor burns, reach for some raw honey and slather on a thick layer. it will immediately cut the sting of the burn and will also provide anti-bacterial protection while keeping skin hydrated. Shaving legs, underarms and back can hurt the skin making it look darker if it is done without proper moisturizer or shaving gel. Below are some ways to treat some of your minor skin problems.

Dark circles under-eye. Vitamin K found in pears, avocados, plums and kiwi fruit help in healing the thin skin layer around the eyes.

Uneven pigmentation. Vitamin B found in the fish and garlic helps in fighting redness by boosting behind a radiant complexion.

Wrinkles. Vitamin A found in dark leafy greens and cantaloupe is the key to rejuvenate the fine lines and uneven skin tone. It is very helpful for those who have wrinkles.

Dull skin. Vitamin A found in carrots will keep your skin healthy and vibrant. For dry skin, vitamin E found in mangoes, almonds broccoli and spinach help to balance the moisture of the skin.

Sun damaged skin. Vitamin C found in oranges, strawberries and kiwi can help cure some sun damage and can brighten the overall skin tone.

Avoid sleeping with make up such us old make-up as it causes dirt and sweat to penetrate the pores of the skin.

Avoid touching your face/skin with dirty hands, you’re spreading the bacteria to your skin, which can trigger breakouts and other skin problems. Sleep at least 8 hours sleeps every day.

Drink water often times every day (8 times a day). Drink water with lemon. It contain calcium that can clean skin. Wash your pillow cases at least once a week to keep unwanted chemicals away from your face. Shield your face from hair products and sprays. Wipe down your phone screen because it has more bacteria, get in the habit of disinfecting it at least once a day. And lastly, avoid chemical products that may cause damage to your skin.

On and all just be healthy eat the right food and avoid adding to much product on your skin just be natural. You don’t need too expensive product, you can find it in your home like the food that you eat or a food you don’t expect that can help your skin be beautiful and flawless. You can have the fairest and smoothest skin which will make you a Venus of your own.

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Jackylyn is an Oleia user and content contributor. She is a paradox, a conflicted contradiction. If she can’t figure herself out, there’s no way anyone else can.