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Do you want to know the secret to happy latching and successful breastfeeding? I will share to you today the things that will surely help every mom’s breastfeeding journey:

What is helpful

    • Confidence or assuring yourself that you are capable of breastfeeding
    • Build confidence with breastfeeding counseling
    • Moral support and deeper understanding on Mom’s vulnerability after birthing

My loving, supportive and caring husband massages my feet every night while baby latches on me, in that way I feel that I am important, loved and relax. Our son has his good sleep, not fuzzy and has a very good morning wake up.

    • Restful sleep
    • Right information and positive remarks

What’s not helpful

  • Emotional Crisis
  • Alcohol
  • Substance Abuse
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine
  • Soft drinks (too much)
  • Physical Stress

Breastfeeding starts at home, with the support of husband, and everyone in the family and community. It’s not an easy thing to do, but knowing what is beneficial and what to avoid will help our breastfeeding journey worthwhile. God bless you and your little ones 🙂

About The Author

Pam is a proud breastfeeding mom and a lactation consultant. She is the woman behind every stylish creations of Nursingmommiesph nursing wear and an avid Oleia Topical Oil user.