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Meditative Breathing for Optimal Health

Stressed Out? Try a form of body and mind exercise... meditation. It involves meditative breathing that surely works to relieve stress, tension, anxiety and worry. Meditation is important for anyone who wants to maintain an optimal level of physical, emotional, and...

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Let’s Stay Hydrated!

Good hydration means getting the right amount of water before, during, and after exercise. It is well known that good hydration practices are good for our health. Here is a cheat sheet on some hydration solutions appropriate for each and every activity you may have.

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Amazing Reasons to go Fish

Fish is indeed a superfood food that can give us a “superbod”– both inside and out. It is beneficial for our health in many ways. It improves both our mental and physical health.

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The Benefits of Fasting

Fasting has become increasingly popular over the years, especially among the health community. Aside from knowing that people fast during this season of Lent for spiritual purposes, many people also do it for mental and physical reasons.

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OLEIA Topical Oil helps remove the symptoms of pain, redness and swelling, fast. OLEIA Oil deeply penetrates the skin and helps control inflammation.

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