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Staying Healthy while it’s Rainy

It’s so nice to sleep nowadays while cuddling your loved ones with the cool weather, not to mention me as a mom minimizing the use of electricity. (We’re not using the aircon for days now.) Here in the Philippines, starting the month of June, the rainy season has...

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Mediterranean Diet: What to Eat to Live to 100

Ever wonder what the food diet of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses was? The people of Greece, particularly in the island of Ikaria, is known to be one of the regions of the world where people tend to live unusually long and healthy lives in which it is normal for...

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Stay Healthy. MUFA More!

Who wants Fats?  When we hear the word FAT, the reaction is usually unappealing and displeasing. Nowadays, we are living in a more health-conscious society (because of so many diseases  that are suddenly developing) and no one doesn’t want to get fat, to be labeled as...

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A Fat Fact: Trans Fat can Shrink your Brain!

With this busy-- almost no time out lifestyle that we have these days, there are many food choices made for our convenience. We can just dial any fast food for delivery if we are stuck in our office desk... Or we can just shoot that packed food from the grocery shelf...

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Product Review: Oleia Topical Oil

I’m one of those moms who became prone to neck aches and headaches after their kid turned two. Haha! All parents must have gone through major stress with their children. So when I was offered to try Oleia Topical Oil, I went why not? For a brief background, Oleia was...

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Do You Have a Perfect Body Image?

Maintaining a healthy body image can be a challenge especially now that social media dictates almost everything about what’s the ideal body image that causes people to question their looks and lose confidence in themselves.

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20 Interesting Heart Facts

Your heart is an amazing organ that affects every part of your body. That also means that it deserves the best care possible. Your diet, lifestyle, and your emotional well-being can affect your heart. Thus, emotional and physical health are also both important for maintaining a healthy heart.

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OLEIA Topical Oil helps remove the symptoms of pain, redness and swelling, fast. OLEIA Oil deeply penetrates the skin and helps control inflammation.

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